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Who Else Wants Top 9 Town Hall 5 Th5 War Base Layout 2020

Who Else Wants Top 9 best Town Hall 5 Th5 War Base Layout 2020 in which the strongest and the undefeated bases ever. Check out here.

Town hall 5 is very easy to conqueror. You should not be anxious about the war because the more you do the more you will learn.

This is up to you what you want. So, be calm and let us do our job. Here we will show you some of the best War Base Layout ever made for Town hall 5.

We all want an outstanding base for wars. To find out the best base layout we have tested them with different attacks and deadliest attacks on them.

Here, you will see the toughest and the finest base layout.

Without getting late let's get started. 

Town hall 5 Th5 Top 9 Best War Base Layout 2020

Bases have their own potential to defend against different types of attacks. Many things matter to defend an attack on you.

As well in the war, it might happen you get attacked by higher level town hall players but don't be afraid of those attacks. 

The most common things that matter to successfully defend against attacks are:
  1. Clan Castle Troops
  2. Max level buildings at that Particular Town hall. 
  3. Wall placement
  4. Traps
These things matter a lot such as

If you have some clan castle troops which are of a good level you will probably have higher chances of withstanding against attacks.

High-level troops have the ability to kill troops from the level of Town hall 5.

Upgrading buildings such as Defenses, storages, Collectors, and others will let them have high hitpoints as well as damage in defensive buildings. 

Traps placement can wipe most of your work. Even a small bunch of spring traps or bombs can have a great impact on winning and losing in the game. 

Town hall 5 Th5 War Base Layout

Town Hall 5 Th5 War Base Layout

  • This base has a good placement of defensive building. 
  • Some traps are also inside the walls which gives a lot of chances of getting in range of other troops. 
  • The other Defenses such as cannon, archer tower have a large range on most of the buildings which are outside the walls. 

Town Hall 5 Th5 War Base Layout

  •  This base is divided into four groups to make it hard for the enemy to travel further in the base. 
  • The base layout is having correctly placed traps. 
  • The town hall is the center of the base layout. 

Town Hall 5 Th5 War Base Layout

  •  The base layout is divided into five groups which slow down the ground troop.
  • All the defenses are placed with no gaps between them which enhances the good range for the protection of the Defense near to them. 
  • Traps are all outside because no space is available to place them inside the walls.

Town Hall 5 Th5 War Base Layout
  • The base is divided into four groups, one is main while the others are supportive. 
  • The main focus is to make the person able to attack on the town hall side. 
  • After reaching that portion the Defense near to them will deal a lot of damage to the enemy troops. Also, some spring traps are on that side. 
  • This base layout has a good placement of the traps and buildings properly. 

Town Hall 5 Th5 War Base Layout

  • By seeing it the enemy will not have any chance of getting away from the traps. The traps placement is incredible. 
  • The placement for the defenses are also based on a strategy to deal with the enemy troops. 
  • The main portion is the middle which will have the most capability to kill all of the enemy troops if they enter the middle. 

Town Hall 5 Th5 War Base Layout
  • Most of the defensive buildings are inside the walls despite one cannon is outside the wall but that doesn't matter much. 
  • All the Defense are placed strategically with which provide a good range for air, ground and both target attacking troop. 
  • The traps such as spring traps are placed between two walls to make the only way for the enemy troops to travel. Other traps are also placed strategically like the bombs and air mine are placed near the cannon to stop any raiding of balloons for the Wizard Tower. 

Town Hall 5 Th5 War Base Layout

  • This base has a lot of spaces between the walls to make a path for enemy ground troops to lure them to the traps placed between the spaces. 
  • All the traps are placed strategically. Firstly spring traps are placed in the starting of the walls. Bombs are placed away from the spring trap to lure them into the base and surprise them with the bombs which will deal a lot of damage to them. 
  • Defenses are also placed in a correct manner for the ground and air attacks as well. The center of the base is the strongest. 

Town Hall 5 Th5 War Base Layout

  • Town hall is in the middle of the base also protected by walls. 
  • Defenses are also placed strategically. All the Archer tower and air defenses which have the ability to attack air troops are placed away from each other to range most of the base and the same goes with the cannon, mortar and Wizard Tower for the ground troop as well. 
  • Traps are not inside the walls which might become a problem during the attack because there will be very little chance of getting in the range of enemy troops to trigger them. 

Town Hall 5 Th5 War Base Layout

  • All the three most important defense Air defense, mortar, and air defenses are placed in a group that will help them to overcome most of the enemy troops which will come near to them. 
  • The traps are also placed in a good position. 
  • There is no problem with this base. A very simple and advanced war base. 

Town Hall 5 Th5 War Base Layout

  • In this layout, the base is divided into two groups. 
  • All the Defense are placed strategically for attacking the air and ground troops as well. There is no problem with this base. 
  • The air defense is placed in the center with the Town hall near to it. 
  • Traps are mostly placed inside the walls. 

How to improve your War Base and other Tactics

Having a War made pressure on your mind but it is just temporary. Losing or winning doesn't matter, what matters is that what we learn. 

There are possible reasons which can absolutely help in winning every war. 

  1. Troop Donation: This thing plays the most important role in the win and lose. If you have received some good quality troops (level troops like 6) you will have a better chance of defending easily in the war.
  2. Upgrading your Buildings: When the war is going to start you can upgrade your buildings. The ongoing upgrade in the main village will automatically upgraded in the war base only. It means while you are having upgrades the buildings which are going on upgrade will automatically get upgraded in the war base layout (not in the main village).
  3. Good Layout: If a base can't have a good strategy behind its placement it will never result in good. Most people in war focus on the buildings like storages, collectors and cannot be able to place them correctly. This results in a bad base layout. If the buildings are placed correctly they will have a good chance of winning.


This has now Come to an end but let's recap what we have learned up to now. 
  1. How to defend against war attacks successfully  
  2. War Base Layout Images
  3. More about To improve war Base. 
  4. And much more details of the base layout images. 
I hope you enjoy reading this. Please share it with your friends and family.

Always a Coc Lover. If you love playing clash of clans then surely share it. 

Thanks for Reading... Have a nice day... 


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