Who Else Wants Top 15 Town Hall 5 Th5 Farming Base Layout 2019

Who else wants the Top 15 Best Town Hall 5 or Th5 Farming Base layouts which are updated (2019) for Your Clash of Clans Village.

Clash of clans is becoming challenging at each and every Town hall. We found new buildings, Troops, etc,.

I know it's very hard to make a base layout and sometimes we get angry and sad. And we're not able to come up with a good base layout.

Today we will show you the best Town hall 5 Farming Base ever made in the game.

Every Base layout has it's own pros and cons during the battle. Some work and some didn't.

A thought comes every time in my mind is 'I am a pro player but I am not God'  When you lose don't worry learn from mistakes or decisions.

By the way, it's not a motivation post. So let's get started:

Who Else Wants Top 15 Town Hall 5 Th5 Farming Base Layout 2019

I know everybody is thinking about what kind of base we will get. Good or bad? 

I know everybody wants the best base that's why we will have 15 base here to see. 

Every base shown has some pros and cons. So it needs to find out the best one for you. 

What is Farming Base? 

Farming means to produce the raw material. But it can be described in the game as it is used to save our resources during the battle by keeping them safe or away. 

It can be due to any tactics that we use to keep the resources safe. 

In Farming Base, it is important to protect our storages (Gold and Elixir) as they have high storage capacity. 

By protecting them we could be able to save a lot of resources for our village which we can implement to upgrade our Buildings, troops, spells, heroes, etc,.

Why should we use It

These are mostly used when we are lacking behind the upgrades. Or we are planning to upgrade things first which can be costly. 

And we lose our resources when we get attacked and the player can take our most of the resources. 

It is low as compared to the actual resource because we lose only some of our maximum resources. 

But if you want resources (gold and elixir) for upgrading purpose, or for saving resources for the next town hall upgrade. 

Town hall 5 Top 15 Best Base Layout

Town hall 5 Farming Base

  • A quiet simple base with Town hall in the middle surrounded by Storages. The all the storages including town hall own storage capacity are in the middle which gives you better safety of your resources. 
  • Defenses are also placed at a good distance and most of them are inside the wall despite one cannon outside. 
  • Traps are not going to help much but if the bombs are able to takedown Wall Breaker, you will have a great chance of defeating the enemy in the Ground attack. 

Town hall 5 Farming Base

  • The base is divided into two parts and the buildings are also divided equally which gives you an advantage. If the enemy attacks from one side and gets belated on the one side, the other side will be safe and the storages placed there will also be protected  Hence, you will save a lot of resources. 
  • The town hall is also at the center near the air defenses.
  • All the spring traps and Air mine are inside the walls whereas the bombs are outside. Having traps inside gives a lot of chances to kill Defense targeting troops easily and other troops also. 

Town hall 5 Farming Base

  • Storages are placed at different places with defenses near to them also. It also gives you the advantage of saving your storages because of their placements. 
  • Town hall is in the middle of the base and also high damaging defenses surround it. Also, the other defenses are placed accordingly for air and ground troops. 
  • Traps in this base are either help or not. Because all the bombs are near the one cannon, if the army of troops comes near to it then they all will die. But if one troop comes near all the traps will be activated. 

Town hall 5 Farming Base

  • The storages are divided into groups, the first one is with the Archer and the other one is with the Town hall. 
  • Wizard tower, air defense, and Mortar placing them near to each other can be dangerous for your enemy and helpful for you. 
  • While the traps are also placed strategically but more often it will work. 
  • The other defenses like Archer Tower and Cannon are placed in a triangular pattern which gives them a good range to the other part of the base too. 

Town hall 5 Farming Base

  • This base layout is correctly designed for Air as well as Ground attacks. 
  • The placement for the traps is placed strategically which gives you a lot more benefit. 
  • Even though the storages are placed in a single part of the base but it will be very difficult to takedown the storages. 
  • More about the defenses they all have been placed with a good plan to overcome the air and ground attacks. 

More About Farming Base 

Don't bother when you lose your trophies because farming bases are made to save as much as possible resources.

Not the Trophy, whereas some farming bases have the capability to stop 3,2 Stars attacks every time.

So, if you want to have a good chance of defending attacks successfully, follow these tips:
  • Try to have some clash castle troops for defending- Here, you should be having high-quality troops like wizards, Valkyrie, baby dragons, even giants can help you during attacks. 
  • Upgrade your defenses - As we know when we upgrade any defense we will have high damage, hit point in that particular defense. While it becomes hard for the enemy to be successful in his attack.
  • Upgrade Walls- Walls play a very important role during ground attacks. Walls can be used to slow down the enemy. When enemy troops slow down the defenses get enough time to kill some of the troops.
  • Upgrade Traps- Traps have a surprise for the enemy. They are hidden to the enemy so the enemy troops most probably came near to them if traps are placed correctly. When you upgrade them you will have a high chance of killing troops with a surprise. 


After this I know you might have some questions. Don't bother to ask me in the comments.

Let's have a recap of what we have learned up to know:

A farming base is used to protect as many resources as we can. It is mostly used when you have a problem with your resources or they are very low.

Some of the best town hall 5 base layout images which have some of their pros and cons as well.

We also learned why to upgrade things and what to upgrade to have a successful defense against attacks.

If you want to have any information related to anything in the game. I will make it for you.

Use a base layout that you like the most and also comment me the results of using it.

Every base has its own capability to defend against different attack strategies.

If you find this helpful please share it. Also, a true coc Fan will share it.

Thanks for Reading...
Have a Nice Day.