Town hall 6:15+ Trophy Base Layout 2020 (RANK FAST)

Best Town Hall 6 TH6 Top 11+ Trophy Base layout Anti-Everything. We are going to look at the Best and Anti Trophy base layout for you Clash of clan village.

Trophy base layouts can play a major role in Trophy Pushing because these kinds of bases are designed for Trophy pushing but might lack in Farming.

If you want to Trophy push then this blog post is for you.

The base layouts which are shown below are before attacked to see how much potential they have to be perfectly suitable for Trophy Base so we can add them to our list.

All the base layouts are made by keeping in mind different attacks and attack strategies such as air or ground attacks and Giants, Balloon, GIBARCH (Giants, Barbarian and Archer) or many different attack Strategies.

After doing all these steps we have come up with these 11 Base layout which will definitely work better than others.

So let's begin:

Top 11+ Best Town hall 6 TH6 Trophy Base Layout 2020 (RANK FAST)

Trophy Base layout makers have their own ideology on how they will make a trophy base. For me, it is to do anything to defend an Attack at any cost.

But my ideology is not very similar to others.

The main things while people consider while making these bases are:
  • Defending most attacks successfully.
  • If the player is not having enough resources to rank push (keeping storages at a safe place)
  • Having a perfect base layout to give high competition to Air as well as Ground troops.
  • Most important Buildings placement.
Sometimes we have to change our base layout on the previous result like changing the position of defenses where the defense cannot perform well. Or even changing Storages' place to keep them safe and out of range of enemy troops.

So, Let's begin with the first base layout:
Best Town hall 6 TH6 Trophy Base Layout

  • Having no problem in losing most of your resources but to gain an advantage in Trophy push. If you can agree with these conditions then this base is for you.
  • Traps are also within the walls which gives a high possibility for the enemy troops to get in the range of these traps. And the rest of it will be on Traps how they work either kill enemy troops or give massive damage to enemy units.
  • Defenses are placed with a plan to overcome enemy units.

Best Town hall 6 TH6 Trophy Base Layout

  • If you want to have a trophy base for Rank Push with farming also then this base will work for you.
  • In this base storages are also placed far away from each other, If the enemy starts attacking from one side then it will be hardly possible for the enemy to reach other storages on the opposite side.
  • Traps are also Within the walls. The reason behind this is to get a high chance for the enemy to come in range and be killed or damaged by the traps.
  • The middle portion of this base is well fortified that if the enemy unit enters this portion they will either die or find it very difficult to deal with the defenses.

Best Town hall 6 TH6 Trophy Base Layout

  • This base is also a non-farming Trophy base but the storages are all split and far from each other. Mostly in these types of bases, the enemy's intention is to collect as much elixir and gold as they can get and forget on getting stars. This led to victory.
  • Despite of the disadvantage of farming this base has a clear trap and defense management.
  • Traps are quite well placed all over the base.
  • The town hall is harder for the enemy to reach because of so many defenses and buildings are it.

Best Town hall 6 TH6 Trophy Base Layout

  • This base is a hybrid of the trophy and Farming base. But this is actually a Trophy base.
  • Here, you will have a wider layout.
  • You have storages within the walls. High security for them.
  • Traps are also within the walls. Most of them have been placed strategically. 
  • Defenses are quite in a good position with the combination of air defense and Mortar no other troops might not be able to reach.

Best Town hall 6 TH6 Trophy Base Layout

  • Storages are also inside the walls which means greater protection for your resources.
  • Defenses are also placed strategically for the best results during an attack.
  • Traps are also within the walls but the only thing to concern here is the traps near the cannon and the air sweeper. If the enemy comes they can easily active and blow up the enemy but if the attack starts from the opposite side then, it has very little chance that the troops might come in group so, they may be split and moving here and there. The traps will be useless.

Best Town hall 6 TH6 Trophy Base Layout

  • Storages are inside but if an enemy has a strong army and attacks from the top of this base (where Clan Castle is) then it might be possible for the army to take down up to 3 or maybe 4 storages because they are somewhat close to each other.
  • Traps are within the walls. Also, most of them are placed one after another like firstly bomb then a spring trap and then Air mine which gives a great advantage to deal with any kind of troop.
  • Defenses here are properly managed and there is no worry for their placement.

Best Town hall 6 TH6 Trophy Base Layout

  • Storages are within the walls means suitable for Farming also.
  • Traps are also placed within the walls which will surely help in tackling enemy troops.
  • Defense are in placed equally. Wizard tower here can do a great job for ta win and lose.

Best Town hall 6 TH6 Trophy Base Layout

  • In this base, there are two entrances to enter the base but on the path, there are spring traps which will surely do some decrement to enemy forces.
  • Also, Storages are also within the walls and are split so the enemy troops can't reach everyone out there.
  • Traps are also placed wisely and strategically. If the enemy starts the attack and there is a lot of chance that the unit will walk on or nearby to these traps and surely will take damage and might even kill some units.

Best Town hall 6 TH6 Trophy Base Layout

  • This is actually a war base but I am putting it here because of the good performance of this base that it can even be used for Trophy base as well.
  • Due to the placement of the traps, it may be difficult for the enemy to imagine where the traps can be placed. And due to this the enemy might make a mistake and spoil his own attack.
  • Defenses are also spread out and due to this it gives them more time to attack the enemy troops,
  • As well the storages are also within the walls.

Tips to Remember: 

To deal with the competition that everyone has the same level of troops and Defense we should do something that can make a difference.

By having some good level Clan Castle troops can help in both attacking and defending. To make an attack successfully defend we should have some troops in clan castle which can help us in the battle.


In this post, we have learned a lot of things.

We have got a brief explanation about each and every base layout which will surely help you picking the base for you.

Thanks for reading this I hope you guys learn something new. That's it for Today Later and HAVE A NICE DAY!