Town hall 6: Best 11+ Farming Base (links) that actually works

Do you ever wonder that there are some best Bases but where to find? We will show you the top 11 Town Hall 6 Th6 Farming Base Layout in 2019 for Clash of Clans players or coc.

There are plenty of base layouts but which one to choose or use. So, we did some experiments by attacking those base layouts to test and the results are marvelous.

All these bases shown below are tested by attacks. Attacks are done with a powerful army.

Top 11+ Best Town Hall 6 Th6 Farming Base Layout 2019

Why Farming Base? These bases are used to protect resources but how? The simple answer is it is made to protect the storages by either placing strategically or inside the walls, surrounded by traps and defenses.

Farming bases are perfect when you upgrade to a new town hall and you need your resources to upgrade the buildings, army, and spells.

Town hall 6 Th6 Farming Base Layout Images
Best Town Hall 6 Th6 Farming Base Layout

  • Town hall is just in the middle as always but protected by Wizard Tower. The pair of Wizard Tower can deal massive damage to Air and Ground troops.
  • Traps are also inside the walls which gives a higher chance to get in range of enemy troops and kill them easily.
  • Although, the storages are also spread and are far from each other. If the enemy attacks from one side there will be less chance for the enemy troops to reach the other storages.

Best Town Hall 6 Th6 Farming Base Layout

  • The main supportive area of this base layout is the middle portion as most of the traps and other defense nearby are surrounding the middle.
  • If the enemy attacks from one side of the base and reach the middle portion of the base, the troops will not be able to survive (high possibility) due to defenses near the middle portion which are remaining after the attack. Due to a large amount of bombs and spring traps.          Note- If the enemy use heal spell there are higher chances that the troops will die because of the bombs and spring traps.
  • Storages are split into four different regions of the base which benefit a high possibility that is most of them will be saved after the attack and you will be able to protect a lot of gold and elixir.

Best Town Hall 6 Th6 Farming Base Layout
  • By the way, the traps can be put inside the walls by removing the collectors and adding traps inside the base. If you want to have a great advantage then you can do it.
  • Here we go again. All the storages are near the town hall. Two possible outcomes can happen and that is either the enemy troops will reach all the storages and loot them or the troops can't reach a single one and all your storages will be safe and secure.
  • But according to me what you can add is just replace them with the collectors inside the base.

Best Town Hall 6 Th6 Farming Base Layout

  • This base is an open base but it also has some advantages as compared to others. This means there are spaces in the walls which connect most of the base.
  • if the enemy stat the attack and reaches the inside. The troops will revolve around the base to destroy the building. Surely army of troops like giants, wizards will come together and when they reach the spring traps they are going to fly.
  • Storages are also slit into different parts of the base layout.

Best Town Hall 6 Th6 Farming Base Layout

  • The town hall is in the middle surrounded by traps and Defenses. IF the enemy troops reach the town hall they will surely die due to traps and defenses near to it.
  • All the storages are placed opposite to each other as well as parallel. 
  • All the traps are inside the walls.
  • The base layout is looking pretty good for any person who wants one of the best farming base layout.

Best Town Hall 6 Th6 Farming Base Layout

  • Town hall is in the center and protected by the wizard tower and Air Defense.
  • Traps are distributed correctly to deal massive damage to the invading enemy troops. As you can see the four bombs will act as a giant bomb for the enemy troops. Spring traps are in pair and if the enemy troops come in the range, they will blow which can have a great impact on the numbers of the enemy troops.
  • Three storages are inside the walls but one of them is outside. Which will not have a great impact on the loot lost.

Best Town Hall 6 Th6 Farming Base Layout

  • Storages are outside the walls. This is due to making the defensive portion of the base much stronger.
  • There are two possibilities. If the enemy attacks and reaches the inner part of the base it may crumble by the defense and traps or the enemy troops will be able to take down all the storages by their troops like- barbarian, archers, wizards, etc.
  • Much more- Traps are also placed correctly where the enemy troops probably pass through them resulting in getting killed or having damage. 

Best Town Hall 6 Th6 Farming Base Layout

  • First of all, this is an open base, troops can walk through the base freely after entering the base but traps are also placed to decrease the amount of them.
  • Storages are placed opposite and far away from each other.
  • Defenses are also placed strategically.
  • Traps are placed where there is a high chance of enemy coming to walk to other buildings. Mostly spring traps are placed where the enemy will highly start the attacks also bombs and other traps are also placed with a plan if the enemy attacks.
How to make your base the same as shown? 

There are two ways which you can use and both work well. 

  • First of all, you need to take the screenshot of the image of the base layout that you want. Then open it. After that start the game and start making your base. When you want to see the layout just go to background apps and see the image of it and then from the background open the game.

  • The second way is to open this website and open the game and go to the background and see the layout from this website and then go back to the game.

How to make Farming Base works better? 
A Farming Base might not work well due to some reasons. If most of the things are not placed well it might happen the base layout doesn't give better results. 

For example: placing storages at the corner of the village and no other defenses are near to it, the opponent might see them and attack them first. Or It can happen also when the storages are placed at a single place only. 

There are many examples to show it but we are here to just focus on the solution. 

Here the fun begins:

Placing Storages away from each other- this means to place them inside the walls but split them. Just placing them a few blocks away might give better results. 

For example: if the enemy attacks and can take out half of the village and your storages are split. Only half of the storages may be destroyed but some of them might be safe. 

Having CC troops- Having some good leveled troops in your Clan castle might work. When the base is not well upgrade it will take time. But if you want a good or maybe better protection to ask for cc. Join a good clan, ask for troops, and donate also to others. Work as a team. 

After having some cc and the attack begins you will see that most of the troops will be killed easily by the CC troops which will help you to defend against attacks. 


Every time the base layout may not defend against some attacks. Don't get bothered. There are wins and losses sometimes we victory sometimes we lose. 

Bases are made strategically to taken down specific types of enemy troops to vanish the attacking strategy of opponents. 

Some bases might are stronger to defend against most of the attacks but it might be difficult for someone to find or made.

Placement of buildings, traps, or walls can have a great impact on a win or lose. But don't take a game too seriously because the only thing matter in the game is to play.

It's your wish how would you like to play. Like for fun, with friends, to get on top, or maybe to learn strategies to go to Clash of Clans competitions. You may find your way but don't take a game seriously. 

Me - It is not PUBG '-'

So that's in this post I hope you learn something new. Later