Town Hall 7: Top 11+Trophy Base Layout 2020 (LINK)

Did you want to know the Top 11 Town hall 7 Th7 Trophy base layout 2020 with links to make them easily? Check out here. For your clash of clans village.

Town hall 7 is just a new beginning. You unlock some amazing things like Barbarian King, Dark Elixir, a new troop dragon, and a new spell.

A Base layout need such things to make one. Trophy push is not an easy task but also not impossible.

So today we will begin with 11 Town hall 7 base layout. Here we will discuss some of their benefits and plus points. Also, an easy way to copy by using links.

The base layouts that we are going to see are well fortified and harder to destroy. And to find their durability we also attack these layout to see their full potentiality. 

The layout that withstands the deadliest attacks are here now in our list.

So, let's begin:

Top 11+ Town Hall 7 Th7 Trophy Base Layout 2020 (LINK)

What is a Trophy Base? A trophy base is a base that is used for rank push. The base layout design is made properly so that it could withstand against any attacks letting you safeguard trophies.

The base design made must be durable against attacks. Things like storages are not much considered here. Also, other non-attacking buildings are not placed within the walls to save space.

After every successfully defending against attacks, you gain some sort of trophies that are deducted from the opponent's trophy.

When to use it? There is no perfect time to use anything. But before trophy pushing, you must consider the upgrades, army, and attack strategy.

Before the beginning of Trophy push, you should be well prepared and ready.
It means to upgrade your defense, traps and other buildings too.

Benefits and loss of the Base layouts shown Below:

Everything have some benefits and loss and these base also have some. So let's know them:

  • Proper and well manner Defense position. The defenses are placed in a pattern to have a large range for attacking. Having a large range of the defenses which cover mostly the whole layout is good. It may help you to kill every troop from wherever it comes.
  • Storages: It will happen with you that you will have fewer resources which will not be sufficient for you. Because you will attack some layouts with a higher town hall also and this can lead to a lot of crisis in Resources. But there are some trophy base layouts which also supports some farming or storages protection.
  • Traps: Traps play a very important role. If they are placed correctly and strategically then they can kill or even damage the enemy troops. They are the only opportunity for you to win. Like the spring trap have the power to kill any unit within the capacity, it can kill any if it is of level 1 or max level.


So we have viewed a bunch of bases which have some advantages for you which is essential for trophy push.

Not seeing just a base will make it for you with any struggle. So, we make your task easier. We provide links for most of the bases which you can use to easily copy it straight to your clash of clans game.

Some times have a base layout only might not work. Having some sort of knowledge will create a better result.

Things like Traps and Clan Castle can play a very important role in defending.

So this is all the details which you can use.

Thanks for Reading... Have A NICE DAY!