Town Hall 7: Top 15+ Best Farming Base Layout 2020 (LINK)

If you're Looking for the Top and Best Base Town Hall 7 TH7 Base layout then you are at the right place. Find 15+ Layouts here For your Clash of Clans Village.

There are approx thousands of base layout on the internet for Town hall 7 but most of them are worthless.

So, which one to choose? Simple today we will be having the Best Layout for you.

We have tested about 50+ Base layout to come up with these 15+. Sorry, we cannot go with 1000.

Experimenting these base layouts by the best attacks like with Dragons, Balloons, and Giants. Because these are the most used attack strategies.

Every base layout that we have tested has some benefits and some disadvantages. So, it might be possible that the bases can deal with any type of attack.

So let's begin:

Top 15+ Best Town Hall 7 TH7 Farming Base Layout 2020 (ULTIMATE)

What is a farming base? A Farming base is made when you want to save resources like elixir, gold, and dark elixir. By protecting them from the defense you can protect a lot of resources that you can further utilize in the other things such as buildings, troop upgrade, and spell upgrade.

How it works? It is based upon placing storages because they store the highest capacity of resources. Placing them strategically and for benefits can lead to save a high amount of resources.

You can use these bases when you have low resources, Upgraded to a new town hall or maybe require plenty of resources for an upgrade or anything.

Quality of  Base Layout Shown Below:

Everything has some plus and minus and that's why these bases also empower plus and minus. So, we will be discussing the positives of these base layouts.

  • Storages- In most the layouts all the storages are placed away from each other. Due to this the chances of being destroyed by the army of every storage become low. While defending it's very common for the enemy not to 3 stars a base which means we might have a chance of saving storages which affects the resources.
  • Traps- Traps are like a bonus. If the position of the traps is placed accurately it might give you a bonus by damaging or killing enemy units. In most of the layouts, traps are spread and placed strategically.
  • Barbarian King-  Having a Unit that always with you while attacking or defending. Yes, this might king can lead a very important role when defending. Most people ignore the Barbarin placement which ruins the layout. Therefore, Barbarin king placement can lead to win and lose. Place Barbarin king within the walls. But why? Because mostly troops who will come within the walls will be less and might be giants or golem which cannot harm the King and the king will easily kill them. If other troops such as valkyrie, wizard come then the king might hold then until defense kills them

Best Town Hall 7 TH7 Farming Base Layout

Best Town Hall 7 TH7 Farming Base Layout

Best Town Hall 7 TH7 Farming Base Layout
 Best Town Hall 7 TH7 Farming Base Layout

Best Town Hall 7 TH7 Farming Base Layout

Best Town Hall 7 TH7 Farming Base Layout
Best Town Hall 7 TH7 Farming Base Layout


Every base layout mostly have some sort of benefits like given above. Farming bases shown above are good in Resources (gold, elixir and dark elixir) protection. They also have a high probability of defending against most of the attacks.

Sometimes we can't figure out how to copy it. Many ways are available to make a duplicate base layout. there are many ways to do so like- using screenshots, copy the link of base layout and much more.

Even you can use this webpage and make a desired base layout. If you confused or find drawbacks in the base you can just make another one.

Improvement needs to become better. So, the only possible solution a player have to defend against attacks with a fully upgraded base layout is using Clan Castle troops.

Some troops are made for defending like a wizard and much more are there as given above.

So, the conclusion is you need a sort of thing to produce a full quality and desireable base layout. This might not take much time if you know all the stuff like a layout, tips for improving a base layout, troops required for defending (clan castle troops), etc.

All these things are explained to you while you were reading this post. If you acquire all these things then it will help you to come up with one of the best and desired base layout.

Thanks for Coming. Have a Great Day. See you later.