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Town hall 5: 20+ Best Base Layout with Links 2020

There are plenty of town hall 5 Th5 bases available but which is best? Today we will see some of the 20 Base layouts For War, Farming and Trophy which are the best for coc (Clash of clans).

Sometimes base layout are tested not to show their weakness but to discover their strength.
We have been working with these bases to search for the best one for you. 
There are plenty of base layouts that have been tested but now we have come up with the best ones. 
So lets begin:
Town hall 5: Best Base Layout with Links 2020
In this post we will be seeing Farming, War and Trophy Base layouts. 
If you don't know the meaning of Farming, War or Trophy so let me explain it for you. 
What is Farming Base? 
These types of base layout are often used when you need resources such as gold, elixir or dark elixir. In these types of bases, the first thing to be concerned about is storage. Placing them inside the walls to protect them as far as possible  
What is War Base? 
A war base is a base specially d…