Town hall 6: Best 12+ War Base *Link* (Anti-Everything)

This 2020 we will be having the invincible Top 11+ Best Town Hall 6 TH6 War Base Layouts which can deal with any type of army and can be the best for Wars.

Town hall 6 Th6 War bases layouts for you. Town hall 6 has a lot more to deal with wars, due to the lesser level of Town hall and the defenses, many players who have higher level town hall attack these types of bases.

But there are some bases which can overcome any kind of attack even some higher Level troops attack also.

All the bases which are shown below are tested by attacks means you have not to worry about the performance of the bases. You can try them by copying them.

At town hall 6 many Air and Ground troops attack strategies mostly happen. Even some player uses combined troops attack strategies. Most likely, the best defense for you here are - Mortar, Wizard Tower and Air defense.

They deal with massive damage to troops but it is not enough to kill them because most of them survive even after facing these defenses. So, the Archer tower, Cannon and Traps are the best to take down the lower health troops faster them splash damage Defenses.

If both of these categories of Defenses are used correctly with a plan. However, if these defenses are placed correctly they can overcome any kind of attack. And the same we concern while making the base and we come with these 11 of them.

Top 11+ Best Town Hall 6 TH6 War Base Layout 2020 (Anti-Everything)

So, these are the qualified bases which will surely perform well in every war. The designs are pretty awesome and useful too. 

There will be no trouble if you use these layout as active.

Features of These Layouts (Anti-3 Star)

  • Centered Town hall- The town hall in all the layouts shown below have the town hall in the center. Why? Becasue if town hall gets destroyed the enemy will gain 1 star.
  • Traps Placement-  Traps play a very important role in War. If the placement is correct and startegic then if you have a higher chances for winning.
  • Perfect Defense Combo- There's no defense that cannot be destroyed but if a combo is correct then it can kill any troops in the game. Here, defenses are in different sections which becomes a problem for enemy. If the defenses are placed well then they will work perfect as thought.
  • Builder Huts- Even if a singe building is not destroyed until the countdown finish then it will be a victory for you. Even losing 2 stars is better than losing 3 stars. It will surely help you and your clan if you even saves 1 star.

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How to Improve War Base Layout

Improving A War Base layout while having a war is looks a lot hard and sometimes impossible to upgrade but there are some tips and tricks which can surely use to have a better war base layout.

So, we should know what is important in war.

The basic thing for a war is to win and Attack enemy. But while defending the most common mistake that people make is considering storages important rather than placing defense or traps inside the walls.

While in war, Storages doesn't mean. The thing only means is to defend the attack from 1,2 or 3 stars which will surely help your clan in winning a war.

If you want to place storages inside the wall no matter but first place your defense and traps inside the walls so that they could better consequences in War.

The second thing is that if you are having an ongoing upgrade, it will be upgraded automatically in the War base layout. 

It means if you have no time to upgrade but the game provides you a feature if the war is going to start and you are having an ongoing upgrade of a building it will automatically be upgraded in the War base layout.

Note- Upgrade will only work when the war is not started. After the war started and a new upgrade made will show no upgrade in the War Base layout.

Some other things to be considered are the placement for Traps. Even though traps might look small but they can become the most important factor for defending an attack successfully.


Today we see a bunch of layout among which you have selected as the deired layout for you.

To know about these bases we also learned the features of the layouts which will surely help you to know their advantages.

Copying is very hard earlier days but nowadays we have a thing method by Link. It's now easy for us to copy.

Also, we learned a bunch of tactis which are still used by pro players.

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