Town Hall 8: 15+ Farming Base *Link* (Recommended By Pros) 2020

Want to have the top and best Town Hall 8 Th8 Farming Base Layout for you with links of 2020 for your Clash Of Clans Village.

Here, you will find the Base Layout that you were looking for. Farming Base is most beneficial in Preserving and Protecting Resources.

Seeking for a Perfect base takes a lot of time but we have been experimenting with these base layouts to find out the best one.

We have tested a lot of base layouts to come up with these 11.

All the base layouts can be used for Farming which is made for Town Hall 8 or you can say TH8.

Top 11+ Best Town Hall 8 Th8 Farming Base Layout (LINK) 2020

Resources are not easy to secure. When we have fewer resources we make small or cheap armies that can help to get loot faster.

But when someone attacks the resources lose faster which makes it harder to secure loot.

Here, to help Farming Layouts come for help.

A farming base is used to protect and save as many resources as we can. It is formed with strategical plans to secure storage.

Storages reserve a lot of loot but losing them in battle can lead to a high decrement in amount. 

At town hall 8 we have to secure resources when are reach it. At every beginning of a new level town hall, we should save resources that we can utilize in other upgrades. Upgrading frequently will faster the level up of the base troops, buildings, and spells.

If somehow we are successful in defending against an attack without having any damage to storages can lead to high savings in loot.

Features of Base Layouts are:-

  • Centered and Well Protected Town hall- Centered Town hall is very useful because the center location protects it from the reach from enemy troops. Also, protected by defenses and traps surrounding it.

  • Air Defense Well Protected- Air defenses play a very important role against air troops. Protecting them increases the rate of winning against air armies.

  • Perfect Traps Placement- Traps are the most powerful weapon in the game. If used properly then they can kill a bunch of troops within a snap (Like Thanos). All the traps placed the layout are placed strategically which will give a lot of advantages.

  • Evenly Placed Defenses- All the defenses in all the given layouts are placed very well and evenly.

  • Very hard to lure Clan Castle troop- Clan castle is placed near to the center which makes it hard for the enemy to lure Clan Castle Troops. If the enemy can’t lure the CC and the enemy deploy its main army like- giants, golem, etc. and your troops in Clan Castle comes out of it and starts attacking when they come in range.

So the base layouts are:-

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How to Improve Farming Base

There is no secret, no Power and nothing which you can use to do it. The game is equal for each and every player.

But the things like buildings, traps, and walls provided if used properly and strategically may be helpful.

All the traps, buildings and traps are equally distributed to every player but Winner always uses these things strategically and properly to beat the competition.

So, the magical things are:-

Traps- These are the great mechanics provided in the game. Different kinds of them can bounce troops, explode, summon skeletons, and can do electric shock to troops, etc,. But the only and main problem here is the trigger range. 

These will only trigger when a troop of supportive type (air, ground or both) comes into the area to trigger them. That's why most of the traps are active after the attack. 

Only some of them might get triggered during an attack.

So, the suitable option for you is to place them at a location where there's a lot of chances for the enemy to come. 

Also, split them while putting which gives you a lot of areas to damage or kill troop from wherever they get into the base.

Upgrade Buildings, Defense and Traps- I know this can't be a magical thing for most people. But the only way to beat and go up with the competition is to upgrade. I know these are the things provided by the game itself. 

But always remember that "Something is better than nothing".

That's why it becomes important nowadays. Before, many people upgrade to a higher town hall with no upgrade. Even a Town hall 5 can take down the enemy base with only their blow.

Best Clan Castle Troop for defending

Some troops in the game can deal with any kind of troop. Some of them can create trouble for the enemy troops.

Mostly People want to get troops which they can use in their own attack. But we should consider troops that we can use in our own strategy also like:

  • Wizards
  • Minon
  • Balloons


So, today we learn a lot of things. Some of the things can be beneficial for us. 

We also see a lot of base layout. I know you might like one or some of them. So, we provide you some links which you can use to directly copy them.

Also, We give a short guide on the improvement of Farming Base like how to use traps, upgrading, and which clan castle troops are best for defending while farming.

Farming layouts are best for saving and securing resources. At Town hall 8 or Th8 we require a high amount of resources like gold, elixir or dark elixir to upgrade or build things. And here the Farming bases work.

I hope you have founded or would find the base layout for farming that you were looking for.

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