21 Incredibly Useful TH9 Hybrid base layouts (Link) 2020

There are tons of layouts but most of them are worst. Today, we will be looking at the top 21 useful Town Hall 9 Hybrid base layouts that are superior.

You may see 1000+ of layouts on the internet but do you think quantity can win against quality. Of course, quality will win.

That’s why to find top-quality bases I surf the internet to find some. But, it’s not over yet.

To know their full potentiality I tried to attack these layouts with some of the best attack strategies.

And that’s how I found these incredibly 21 layouts. These bases are actually good for a hybrid. They have all the capabilities that should be found in a hybrid layout.

I choose 21 layouts because I suppose it will ensure you (reader) to have a good amount of bases from which you can choose for your clash of clan village.

Also, to help you in improving more I will give a small but detailed guide on improving hybrid layouts. It will improve your knowledge and skills related to Hybrid Layout.

We will present you some of the most excellent information about Troops that nailed defending i.e. Clan Castle troops.

21 Incredibly Useful TH9 Hybrid base layouts (Link) 2020

Before getting started let me serve you some information related to Hybrid Bases.

Hybrid base layouts are those layouts that are good in everything but may not be perfect such as farming, trophy, and war. They have the power of all but limited.

They are a good starter layout if you are considering all these things at once i.e. protecting loot from an enemy, gaining trophies for rank pushing, and also can be used in an emergency in war.

These layouts are not best in trophy pushing but can provide a balance to your trophies. In war, they may not perform well because of their design but it doesn’t mean they can’t defend.

The benefits of using these layouts are in balancing trophies, protecting loot when attacked by enemy. Also, they can defend against attacks of the enemy and they are a good starter layout.

Features of the Base Layouts

  • Centered and Well Protected Town Hall- The town in all the layouts is in the middle as well as surrounded by defenses or traps as well.
  • Air Defense Position and Protection- All the Air Defenses are placed evenly as well as with protection.
  • Perfect Traps Placement- Traps plays a very important role in the game. They are helpful if they get triggered in any attack. The placement of traps have been considered well. This will be helpful for the user.
  • Evenly Placed Defensive Buildings- All the defensive buildings are placed very well in the whole base evenly.
  • Best Against Air and Ground Troops- All the layouts have a well-formed structure that support protection against any type of troop.
  • Very Hard to Lure CC- In most of the layout, the clan Castle is placed near to the town hall. This prevents Clan Castle troop to lure easily which helps the user. The troops will release when from the Clan Castle when the enemy troops come in the range. It may be possible that the enemy attack strategy will spoil.

How to Improve your Hybrid Base to the Next Level

Here, I am not telling you to upgrade your Town hall. Here, I will give you a small but brief guide as I told earlier.

There are pro players in the game. They have the same thing as you, me and everyone has. But the only thing that creates a difference between us and them are skills.

And all these skills will come from learning, observing and experiencing too.

Even though I am not a very pro player but I am good. I always try to observe earlier attacks made on my base layout. They help me to understand the entire obstacle occurring in my layout.

Some of the things that I observe in every layout even the best one can be defeated by a powerful enemy. But by improving a layout it can become unbearable.

Trap Placement- They have matchless powers as compared to defenses. Some are even stronger than defenses like a spring trap, they are small but the impact made is higher than any defensive building. It can kill a bunch of troops within a second.

But the only things that stop these traps are their trigger range. They can only become active when troops get over them or get in their range. The map is very wide and the enemy can attack from any side of the base.

To deal with this you need to have small planning i.e. to place the traps evenly distributed among the base.

If the traps are distributed evenly they will make an impact because troops will always go from one end of the base to the center in most layout and the attack made can be from any side.

Even if a bunch of them gets trigger it will boost up your chances of winning.

But where to place the traps? It can be away, or a space from one building to another. But the most effective way is to place them between defenses. Most of the attacks made will contain giants, golem, and balloons to destroy defenses.

And here you get a chance to make a surprise attack for these or any other troops.

Storages Placement- They store all your loot. Protecting them might be difficult because the enemy always rushes for these buildings first to secure his/her loot too. There are plenty of ways to reduce the loss of loot. Like- Split them in your base evenly. Try to change the layout by moving these buildings. Also, don’t put them out of the walls because it will become very easy to target for the enemy.

Always put them inside the walls and split them evenly. Also, if you want to save or utilize your resources then always create two armies before you quit the game.

X-Bow- You are new to these defensive buildings that are quite dangerous for your enemy. Put them well inside the layout. Try to protect them by placing traps around them. If possible put tesla near them for better protection.

Because they have the ability to kill any troop in the game but they require some support. Giving them a little support will crush the whole army of the enemy.

Best Clan Castle troops for Hybrid layouts

There are almost 30+ troops available in the game itself. Some have very high power; some are good in their works.

But which one can be used for Defending? Wall Breaker? Yes, they will break walls but yours.

Every troop in the game can be used for defending.  Healer too but who will it heal?

Some troops are more likely to be made for attacking but when it comes to defending only some certain troops comes to your mind and also mine too.

If you want to know a full list of troops that can be used for defending then Read this Article-

Some of the troops that can be used for defending are:-

Baby Dragons- These have half the power of a dragon. They can also enable rage ability. Use them with wizards or Valkyrie will surely going to help you.

Wizards- These are the most common troops for defending. But the only problems with these troops are their hitpoints. They need a tanking troop like giants, Valkyrie which will act as a shield for them.

Dragons- They poses very great power. Join them with wizards and then the party begins. The combination is quite simple but effective too.

Archers- They can be used to fill the left space.

Here, are some combos that can be used.

1 Baby dragon, 2 valkyries, and 1 wizard.
1 golem – Very tough to beat but will not damage the troops much.
1 witch, 4 wizard and 2 archers


In this post, we show you some of the layouts that I found worthy. They all are very good at their works. If you want more layouts like these comments down. It motivates me to create more posts like this with more base layouts.

The fastest way to copy a base layout is by using links. All the layouts links are provided to make this task easier and faster for you.

Also, a small but knowledgeable guide is provided for you to help to improve your skills. 

Clan Castle troops are important. We advised you some of clan castle troops which might bring a lot of change in defends against enemy attacks.

That’s it for today guys. Please share this post if you enjoyed this article and if you love to play COC then share it. If you share this post I will make me motivated.

Thanks for Reading… Have a Nice Day! J