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51+ Town hall 7 Best Base Layout (Links) War, Farming, Trophy

Today, we will be seeing 51+ bases Layout for th7 which will be for Wars, Farming, and Trophy for your Clash of Clans Village.

So, today we will be looking at 51+ Base layouts of Town hall 7. Also, there will be more information regarding how to copy.

Also, a small but knowledgeable guide on how you can improve your base which will be very beneficial to read.

A list of the most deadliest and powerful Clan Castle troops for defending especially Town hall 7 is below that will surely make decision for choosing troops easier as well as powerful too.

To know the full potential of these selected layouts I tested them with some powerful attacks like dragons.

And that's how I come up with these 51+ Layouts.

Also, there will be some more things which will be explained in detail such as- How you can copy the base layout, how you can improve it and best defending troop.

So, let's begin.

51+ Town hall 7 Best Base Layout (Links) War, Farming, Trophy

If you don't know what is a war, farming or trophy base is let me explain it to you.

A War Base Layout as the name suggests to us that it is used for Wars. These layouts are made to protect the base which means resources (gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir) in most of the layouts are insecure.

A Farming layout is used in resource protection from enemy attacks. They can be used in the early stages of a new town hall, or in low resources. They are very helpful to secure your resources.

A Trophy Base layout is the most confidential and deadly base in the case of Rank Push. Rank is a dream of players (like me but only a dream). During Rank Push, a player faces many attacks of higher town hall like of 8 that are very powerful.
To defend against these deadly attacks and not to lose trophies, a player uses these layouts. They are worthy like infinity stones.

Features of These TH7 best Base layouts are

  • Well, Centered and Fortified Town hall- Town hall is the single building in the game if destroyed then the opponent will be rewarded with one star. Protecting a town hall and stoping enemy troops from reaching the town hall must be the main goal. That's why I chose these layouts, they have centered town hall which will surely help you in war.
  • Air Defenses well Protected- Air defenses are very good against air troops. If they get destroyed easily then the chances of the enemy rise very much. A player needs to protect Air defenses. These layouts support protection for Air defenses. 
  • Perfect Traps Placement- Traps have the highest capability to kill troops instant like a spring trap. But there is only one little problem with them is their trigger range. They will only get triggered when a troop comes very near or a troop walks over it. If the trap in your layout might not be placed at a perfect place where enemy troops will surely come, then try to change its position. But I am sure the already place where the traps are placed must be a good pass by for troops.
  • Best against Air and Ground Troops- As I already told you about defense placement are very well, then these layouts must be tough against any attack strategy i.e. Air and Ground armies. 
  • Hard To Lure CC- In most layouts, the Clan Castle is placed very near to the center. This ensures that the enemy will face a challenge to lure troops in the Clan Castle. The enemy might start attacking with the main army which might result in spoiling his own strategy. That's why placing the clan castle near the center of the layout is very important for you.
So, now lets me continue it by showing you the following layouts

Best War Base Layouts are:-

Best Farming Base Layouts are:-

Best Town Hall 7 TH7 Farming Base Layout

Best Town Hall 7 TH7 Farming Base Layout

Best Town Hall 7 TH7 Farming Base Layout
 Best Town Hall 7 TH7 Farming Base Layout

Best Town Hall 7 TH7 Farming Base Layout

Best Town Hall 7 TH7 Farming Base Layout
Best Town Hall 7 TH7 Farming Base Layout

Best Trophy Base Layouts are:-

How to  Copy Base Layouts

So, there are many ways to copy a single layout such as by screenshot, link, image, etc. The fastest way is by using links. It will secure your precious time. It just takes a snap to copy (like wall breaker explosion).

So, you just have to go to the desired layout you want to copy.

Under the image of the layout, there is a word 'link'/'download'. Click on it. It will redirect you to the game.

Note- If the game is not installed or having some issue then the link will open in a browser. If you have the game then on that site click on 'I have Clash of Clans', if you don't then install the game and then go back to the link.

After the game is opened completely, the game will open Editor Window. Here, you have to select the slot where you want to paste.

Select the slot and click on paste. The base layout will automatically be pasted.

Note- In some cases when a natural growing trees, stone, trunk, etc. are in the way of the layout. Then the layout will not be pasted. Try removing them.

Why use Links? Because they are fast. Don't worry about viruses or malware on the site. The website is owned by Supercell, the company made Clash of Clans which means the website is protected and there will be no problem. This means high security. 

How to improve TH7 Base Layouts

There's such no magic or tricks even to defend against any attack. That's why games have power and health systems.

But why Pro players can defend? Because they are pro. Nope, they use things very carefully and efficiently.

You can follow the following things to make sure your base more deadly.

1. Traps- Every defense will shoot or attack in its range but troops will not lure to traps. That means troops will always go for buildings.
Hence, placing them near buildings will give higher chances for the enemy troops to come near to traps enough to trigger them.
So place them according to the base design and near to buildings mostly defenses or might in the path.

2. Upgrades- I know you cannot upgrade a building with a snap (like Thanos).
It requires time and resources but in wars, it's a different case. If you were able to start an upgrade before the war is selected with other clans. Then the building will automatically upgrade in the war layout but not in the home village. That means if you were able to start an upgrade before the war selects you will have a good advantage.

3. Clan Castle Troops- The only way or method by which you can use troops while defending is by using Clan Castle. This building is a boon for you. 
Before the war begins, tell your clanmates to donate you some troops. The troop should be of a higher level so they can perform well. Lower level troops will be killed easily so try to get higher level troops.

Best Clan Castle troop

Wait for a minute. I know time is precious. Comment down your favorite troops in the game. Mine is skeletons (bones and bones). Nope, my favorite one is PEKKA.

Some troops that can be used for defending are: 

Baby Dragons- These have half the power of a dragon. They can also enable rage ability. Use them with wizards or Valkyrie will surely going to help you.

Wizards- These are the most common troops for defending. But the only problems with these troops are their hitpoints. They need a tanking troop like giants, Valkyrie which will act as a shield for them.

Dragons- They poses very great power. Join them with wizards and then the party begins. The combination is quite simple but effective too.

Archers- They can be used to fill the left space. 

Some combo's which are very useful are:

  • 1 dragon
  • 2 Baby dragon
  • 5 wizards
  • 4 balloon


So in this article, we managed to have a look over 51 layouts. Phew! it takes a lot of time to choose.

We learned some tactics today which can be utilized in the layout to make it better, powerful and tough.

Also, how you can copy the layout fast, & safe too.

We also learned some combos that can be very useful to request. But it's unknown what we will get from our teammates, it might be wall breakers.

Please share it you love to play Clash of Clans. By the way, I also love to play it (Inside hail Temple Run).

Thank you for reading have a nice day.


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