21 Town hall 9 Trophy Base Layout (LINKS) That Actually Works

Here, you can find Town hall 9 or TH9 trophy base layout that actually works with the base layout links for your clash of clan village.

There is an abundance of base layouts that can be found on the internet for town hall 9. Their numbers can be in thousands.

But there are only some base layouts on the internet that actually works. But by only seeing a layout you can’t determine whether a layout will have the real potentiality.

To come across with the base layout that actually works we should test them first and that’s what I do with the layouts.

I tested the layouts with different attack strategies to know their full potentiality. This helps me to come across these 21 layouts.

Today, we will be seeing 21 layouts with their features too, that might help you to decide which base layout you want to pick as your home village (active layout).

But after picking a layout you would require to copy it, and to make this procedure easier and faster we will provide you the links of the base layouts under their images.

Even though a layout cannot be called perfect until improvements are made. So, we will provide you a small guide with all the required knowledge that’s a trophy layout needs to have and develop.

So without any further delay let’s begin.

21 Town hall 9 Trophy Bases Layout (LINKS) That Actually Works

We are providing you 21 layouts because it’s sufficient for me to choose and I suppose you will also find one for your village.

Even, I am the type of person who can choose from only 2, 3 things. If there are more than 10 things to be chosen, I get frustrated about what should I choose. I suppose it is enough for you to choose.

If you don’t know what is a trophy layout let me explain it to you first. A trophy base layout is designed to boost up the trophies that will surely make trophy pushing easy for you.

Its design is very powerful that is made with a proper strategy to overcome any attack that is made by the enemy. They help a player to gain trophies or to minimize the loss of trophies.

They mostly don’t support farming activities like storage protection. It’s because they occupy a lot of space that can be used by other buildings like traps, defense, etc. But there may be some layouts that support farming too.

Trophy layout mostly works with a fully upgraded layout or near to full. It’s because at higher trophies you might be attacked by town hall 10 players.

To defend against high level or deadly armies attacks you must have a fully upgraded layout so that you can overcome these situations.

Features of Layout

Features of Base Layouts are:-

  • Centered and Well Protected Town hall- Centered Town hall is very useful because the center location protects it from the reach from enemy troops. Also, protected by defenses and traps surrounding it. 
  • Air Defense Well Protected- Air defenses play a very important role against air troops. Protecting them increases the rate of winning against air armies. 
  • Perfect Traps Placement- Traps are the most powerful weapon in the game. If used properly then they can kill a bunch of troops within a snap (Like Thanos). All the traps placed the layout are placed strategically which will give a lot of advantages. 
  • Evenly Placed Defenses- All the defenses in all the given layouts are placed very well and evenly. 
  • Very hard to lure Clan Castle troop- Clan castle is placed near to the center which makes it hard for the enemy to lure Clan Castle Troops. If the enemy can’t lure the CC and the enemy deploy its main army like- giants, golem, etc. and your troops in Clan Castle come out of it and start attacking when they come in range. 
  • X-bow Placement- X-bow are very important defensive building for you. In most of the cases, X-bow plays a very important role in winning. That’s why their placement and protection is important. In all the layouts xbow is well placed with protection too.

How to improve a Trophy Layout

Improving a layout is not rocket science. Everything you will learn here is from my experiences and research.

The best way to improve a layout is based on his/her experiences. My experience may not be important to yours because every player in the game faces a different situation.

A base layout can only be made perfect by improving only.

If you want a perfect layout, then try improving on daily basis.

Learn new things every day to improve your base layout. Try to focus on one thing every day. It will be easy and as well as led to consistent improving.

These are the following that can be used by anyone who wants to improve his/her trophy layouts are:-

Upgrades- Before entering this era of trophy pushing, first of all, try to upgrade your building fully. Sometimes, after reaching a certain level of trophies you will face many opponents that have town hall 10, 11.

It’s hard to face town hall 10, 11 attacks but it’s not impossible.

 A fully upgraded layout will have more chances of winning than a low-level base.

Also, upgrade your troops as well as in the laboratory because you might face a higher town hall.

Centered and well-protected Town hall- The town hall is the single building in the game if destroyed then the enemy will get 1 more star.

If the town hall is placed in the center of the layout, then there will be lower chances of losing it in an attack.

Also, you can protect the town hall by placing traps near it or any defensive building.

Traps Placement- Traps play a very important role in winning. Traps like spring trap have the potentiality to kill troops instantly. Some of them can deal massive damage to units by explosion.

But the only drawback of these ideals is their Trigger Range. These will not get activated unless or until a troop comes very near to it or over it.

That’s why their placement is very essential.

You must try to place traps where there is a lot of chance for the enemy troop to pass or come near to any building such as defenses.

Don’t take it as a burden. The already placed traps in the layouts above must be good.

Defenses Placement- Defenses are very important to anyone. Their placement must be considered before placing them. Mostly placing defenses imbalanced might create a lot of trouble.

Making a compartment for a single defense is not worth it. Always try to join them with different defenses like- mortar, wizard tower, and air defense in a single compartment.

The above is just an example. Things work better when they are in groups.

Best Clan Castle Troop for Trophy Pushing

For a Trophy push, you must acquire well upgraded and best troops as much as you can.

In trophy push, Clan Castle troops mean a lot. If you have sufficient and well-upgraded troops in your Clan Castle, you can kill one-fourth of the enemy army or full army.

Sometimes it happens that Clan Castle troops kill a full army. There are different reasons such as the attacker forget to lure CC troops first and begin deploying the main army. Yes, it happens sometimes.

There are a lot of reasons that I can write but I will get tired. I am very lazy. Because we are here to discuss the Clan Castle troops which are good for Trophy Pushing or you can say defending that actually works.

So, the first tip is to have a max level or well-upgraded troops. The same troops of high level will work better than the low levels.

Try to have troops with combo or insufficient amounts. Like- you can’t use 20-30 barbarian or 20-30 archers here.

Some troops that can be used are:

Wizards- They might have low health but the damage dealt by them is very high than other troops.  When they are in a group they can be very deadly. Try using them with giants. Giants act as a tank that soaks most of the damage. Tanking can be done by other troops like- golem, valkyrie, etc.

Dragons- They poses very great power. The damage dealt by them is very high as well as their hitpoints. Dragons are very beneficial to use. Try adding a baby dragon to fill the leftover space.

Valkyrie- Their splash damage is very beneficial. They attack around them which can be very helpful against any troops with melee weapon or hand combat.

Bowlers- They can damage a certain number of units in the given direction. The damage dealt and hitpoints are enough as a defender.

Balloon- High damage, that’s why they are worth it to use. If ground troops that can attack only ground troops come, then they will be an easy target for balloons.

Baby Dragons- They pose half the power of a dragon. Less space capacity as well as have splash damage. Also, their rage ability will double their damage.

Comment down your favorite troop in the game. Mine is PEKKA because of her damage and hitpoints. Yes, PEKKA is a girl.

Some combos that can be requested by a player that actually works are

1 Baby dragon, 2 valkyrie, and 1 wizard.
1 golem – Very tough to beat but will not damage the troops much.
1 witch, 4 wizard and 2 archers


This article might be very useful for you because the layouts shown are very helpful and also actually works well.

I thought that while you are reading it up to now, you might have chosen the layout that you like the most.

Copying a layout now is very easy with links that’s why we provided them.

Also, to make more improvements in the layout we also added a small but detailed article which will be very beneficial that you can use to improve your layout.

I am not good at Choosing between things. But I had given a bunch of troops that can be used for Defending.

Please share it if you like this post.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for Reading… Have a Nice Day J