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How to play clash of clans in PC Step By Step Guide 2020

Today we will show you how you can play clash of clans in your PC with a step by step guide. Play Clash of Clans in PC with the help of Emulator.
Clash Of Clans is an Android and IOS game developed by Supercell. This game is an online strategy game.
But you can also play this game in your PC with the help of Emulator. It is very easy to use, install and you can also use other apps in your PC with the help of the emulator.
So, this article will be a step by step guide in which I will tell you all the processes in detail how and why to install an emulator? Which emulator is best? My own experiences with emulators and with their pros and cons
This guide will be 100% Working because I also used the same steps to play games on my PC. So, without any further delay let’s get started.
How to Play Clash Of Clans in PC

Clash of Clans is a multiplayer online Strategy game. It can be played in pc with the help of mouse. In PC you won’t require a keyboard to play it.
To play it on your PC, we need to ins…

TH8: 14+ Trophy Base Layout (Links) that Actually works 2020

Want to have the best trophy Base? Here you can choose from 15+ Town hall 8 Th8 Trophy base layout with links 2020 Recommended by pros for your clash of clans or COC village.

Trophy base layout can be extremely profitable to gain extra trophies.
But they are very tough to find. However today, fortunately, we will present to you them with their benefits too. That will bring all the limits, consequences and durability of the base layout.

All the base layout is being recognized by their strength. And to do so we tested the base layouts with different attack strategies.

And that's how we came here with these 14 base layout for you. Also, some of them are used by pro players.

So let's begin-

15+ Th8 Trophy Base layout (link) Recommended by Pros If you don't know what are trophy bases let me explain it to you. These are the layouts that are made for trophy pushing i.e. increasing trophies. It increases player rank also.
Basically, a player chooses this for rank pushing which works well…

15+ Town Hall 8 War Base Layout (LINKS) Recommended by Pros

Want to have the 15+ Town hall 8 War Base layout with Links which are recommended by Pros for you Clash of Clans Village?

Having a Base layout which is often used by pros are mostly good. And that's the truth.

Pro Player always consider making a  plan, strategy, and target which create a worthy Base layout.

There are thousands of Base Layout but can you see all of them in just 10 Minutes. Absolutely not.

So, To help in these circumstances we have picked some of the best and deadliest base layouts only for you.

To check out which one works better we tested them by attacking with different kinds of armies and troops. And checks what we found 15 of them which are best.

15+ Town Hall 8 War Base Layout (LINKS) Recommended by Pros Link
The town hall is in the center and the Clan Castle that will result in late luring of CC which might be helpful to kill the main army of the enemy.Traps are evenly placed in the whole base that means the traps will kill a bunch of troops which might in win…