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TH8: 14+ Trophy Base Layout (Links) that Actually works 2020

Want to have the best trophy Base? Here you can choose from 15+ Town hall 8 Th8 Trophy base layout with links 2020 Recommended by pros for your clash of clans or COC village.

Trophy base layout can be extremely profitable to gain extra trophies.

But they are very tough to find. However today, fortunately, we will present to you them with their benefits too. That will bring all the limits, consequences and durability of the base layout.

All the base layout is being recognized by their strength. And to do so we tested the base layouts with different attack strategies.

And that's how we came here with these 14 base layout for you. Also, some of them are used by pro players.

So let's begin-

15+ Th8 Trophy Base layout (link) Recommended by Pros

If you don't know what are trophy bases let me explain it to you. These are the layouts that are made for trophy pushing i.e. increasing trophies. It increases player rank also.

Basically, a player chooses this for rank pushing which works well but the main problem found in the most base layout is no storage or farming.

Farming means to protect resources from enemies during an attack by placing them in a secure place. Like- between defenses, traps or in the middle

It means on some bases the storages might be outside the walls which get looted first and fully.

But if a trophy layout supports farming then it will become easy for you to save a lot of resources that can further be utilized in Upgrades and in training army.

So, the benefits of these bases are:-
  • Trophy- Offcources it's the purpose of these bases to increase trophies. Trophy is essential for you to go to higher leagues and ranks. Higher leagues and ranks will provide you sufficient bonuses with every successful attack made.
  • Rank Push- It is the main goal for every rank pusher. Ranking as I already said gives you a higher bonus. In higher leagues, you might find a deadly and higher-level base, but the feel and pride in you and your base will increase. The player who can tackle higher opponents is a pro player.
  • Experience- I know playing at the current level and learning tips and tactics will build up the experience. But challenging and facing the real difficulty will boost up your experience. This also gives an idea about the next level of town hall advantages and disadvantages.
So, the base layouts are:

town hall 8 trophy base

  • The town hall is in the center of the base layout.
  • Traps and defenses are well placed which makes the base fortified.
  • If you think that if the enemy starts the attack from the bottom (6 o'clock), the enemy army will easily reach the town hall, well, in this case, enemy troops will be going the other buildings near the barbarian king because of the behavior of troops. 

town hall 8 trophy base
  • This base layout is divided into 4 compartments besides the town hall. All these 4 compartments are long. If the enemy gets inside of any compartment they will go from one end to the other to destroy the buildings. This will force the troops to go to the center. If they reach there then the other 3 remaining compartments having defenses will shoot/damage them. In other words, they will fall into the trap.
  • Also, storages are placed in different compartments.
  • Traps are also placed very well.
  • I like this base layout.

best town hall 8 trophy base

  • The town hall is in the middle.
  • Storages are split into different sections of the layout that will prevent some of them from enemy hands.
  • Defenses are placed in some sort of formations which helps them cover all the buildings in the layout.
  • Traps are also placed very well in the layout.w

town hall 8 trophy base layout

  • The town hall is in the center of the layout.
  • The base is well made to keep enemies out of the town hall. The enemy will surely attack thinking to win but the whole layout is a trap for them. If the army is deployed them the troops will revolve around the base to destroy the buildings and at the end attack the middle of the base. This will surely take a lot of time as well as enemy troops also weakened.
  • Storages are also placed in different places to protect some of them from the enemy.

town hall 8 trophy base

  • The main focus of this base layout is to use the town hall as a bait. Suppose if the enemy starts the attack from the top (12 o'clock) and reaches the town hall, the two wizard tower will surely attack enemy units till they die. Also, the town hall has the highest hitpoint in the game.
  • The base is sure a farming base as the main focus is to protect dark elixir.
  • Defenses and traps are placed thoroughly in the whole layout.

town hall 8 trophy base

  • The town hall is in the center of the base. 
  • The base is well fortified with the defenses and traps placement.
  • Storages are also placed away from each other to protect.
  • Although, this base is very good and might be helpful too.

town hall 8 trophy base

  • This base layout surely if made to focus on rank push. As you see that the layout doesn't have any storages which mean no farming but the defenses are placed evenly as well as strategically.
  • The town hall is well fortified and traps are also placed well. But if the hidden tesla is blown up by any troops have a range to attack (wizard, archer, etc.) the traps such as spring & giant bomb won't get triggered.

th 8 trophy base
  • The Town hall is in the middle of the base layout, surrounded by hidden tesla.
  • Traps are well placed, storages are also inside the layout that means this base supports farming.
  • Defenses are placed evenly and strategically in the whole layout.

th 8 trophy base
  • The town hall is in the center with the barbarian king protection.
  • Traps are also inside the walls which increases the chances of enemy troops coming near them and get killed.
  • Defenses are well placed in the whole layout.
  • This base layout also supports farming which will help you in resource protection.

th 8 trophy base

  • Town hall is in the center. Storages are split in the bases that make the layout support farming.
  • Traps are well placed in the layout where mostly enemy troops walkthrough.
  • The wizard towers are near the center that will protect the town hall.

th 8 trophy base

  • The base is well made with a log of advantages if the enemy reaches the tow halls they would end up easily due to hidden tesla, cannon and barbarian king.
  • This base layout support farming aswell.
  • Defenses are also placed very well.

th 8 trophy base

  • This layout cannot be defeated very easily. If the enemy starts the attack from 3 to 9 o'clock and the attack begins. The troops will take a lot of time to go through every compartment which would end up 40% to 50% of the army.
  • Air defenses are also placed very well and the other defenses too.
  • Storages are placed evenly in the whole layout.

th 8 trophy base
  • This base layout is anti-giant.
  • Defenses are also placed very well. Traps are also.
  • This base layout can withstand many attacks, but it will become a problem to hogs. But in most cases, hog's attacks are not made instead of war.

How to Copy base layout

There are several ways to copy base layouts. Some are quick while some need a lot of patience.

In this growing world. Keeping a work short, simple and time-saving is now worth it. If you have no time to make the base on your own then here we have the fastest and simple way for you.

This is the first way. It is fast, secure and simple. So, first of all, go to the desired base layout you want to copy. Now, click on the Blue color Link given. (eg- Link)

It is the direct copy link. It is provided by the game itself which means it is secure and trustworthy.

After you Click on the link, it will redirect you to the game. When the game is completely loaded it will automatically display the base layout Editor. Here, select the desired slot to paste the base layout.

Select the slot and then the layout will be automatically pasted.

The second is long, required patience. If you want to gain some knowledge, tips and the way on how to create a base layout. You must follow it.

Here, you have to scroll to the desired base layout. Now, minimize the browser in which this website is opened.

Now, open the Game. After you have opened the game now go to the base Layout Editor and select the desired slot.

Now, go back to the browser in which you open this website from the background. Observe some portion of the base layout.

Now, go back to the game from the background. Try to place buildings orderly.

When you don't know what to place then go back to the browser from the background and come to the game from the background.

Repeat the process until the buildings are placed correctly.

More about Trophy Base Layout Improvements

Although, now you made your base layout completely. But, after some time you will notice some problems that are occurring. And those things happen with every player even with me too.

So, even when I make a layout I always do the same thing.

The mistake is to not know about the layout. Like- after some time the layout doesn't provide better results which is usual. So, it is not something bad.

Because every base can be destroyed fully. It's up to us that we want to fight the problem or leave the problem. But the main thing is that this problem will be going to happen in every base layout.

There are some tactics that you can utilize in your base layout to improve its performance such as

Defense upgrades- The only and foremost thing that should be done at the beginning of a new base layout. These are provided to you in a limited quantity but by upgrading them attack damage and hitpoints. These are the only buildings that can attack the enemy troops and by upgrading them it will enhance their performance too.

Traps- Both the upgrade and placement help the player but foremost placement plays the most important role in a base layout. Some traps have the power to directly kill enemy troops like a spring trap, some can do damage to troops by blasting like bombs, etc. So, they can be the key to directly kill and damage the enemy troops.

But the only weakness of these is the trigger range. If the enemy troops pass very nearly but not in range, the trap will not get trigger which might become a case for a win and lose

So, the placement of these must be considered. Placing them on a pass, or closely to defenses might help.

Best Clan Castle Troop

There are so many troops in the game. Some are made for attacking and some for helpers. But there are only a few of them which can be used for protection.

Using Clan Castle troops are the only thing that you can utilize in your base layout during attacks.

I know to find a clan and getting the requested troop might be difficult but if you found a clan where you can get desired troops for Defending then it can be extremely profitable.

After finding that perfect clan. You should request and also donate troops to others.

So, the troops which you or anyone can use for Defending are:

  • Wizards- Their splash damage is literally awesome. These are the best ones for defending but there should be a tanking troop for them like Valkyrie.
  • Valkyrie- Their group can easily take down any kind of ground troop. Their damage, area to damage is very powerful.
  • PEEKA- They are very powerful but to a single unit. It can kill the King, golem, etc. But they are weak against hordes, army. So, consider before requesting.


So in this blog post, we see a lot of Base layouts. Which are tested with different attack strategies that means the base layout is worth it which can perform well.

Also, we provide direct links of the base layouts which you can easily use to copy the base instantly.

To improve your Trophy Base layout we recommended you some tips that you can utilize in your layout which can work well.

We also shared a list of Clan Castle troops for you which can be used.

If you Share this on social media It will make my day.

Also, comment down your favorite one.

Thanks For Coming... HAVE A NICE DAY!


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