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How to play clash of clans in PC Step By Step Guide 2020

Today we will show you how you can play clash of clans in your PC with a step by step guide. Play Clash of Clans in PC with the help of Emulator.

Clash Of Clans is an Android and IOS game developed by Supercell. This game is an online strategy game.

But you can also play this game in your PC with the help of Emulator. It is very easy to use, install and you can also use other apps in your PC with the help of the emulator.

So, this article will be a step by step guide in which I will tell you all the processes in detail how and why to install an emulator? Which emulator is best? My own experiences with emulators and with their pros and cons

This guide will be 100% Working because I also used the same steps to play games on my PC. So, without any further delay let’s get started.

How to Play Clash Of Clans in PC

Clash of Clans is a multiplayer online Strategy game. It can be played in pc with the help of mouse. In PC you won’t require a keyboard to play it.

To play it on your PC, we need to install an application on our PC first which is an Emulator.

What is an Emulator?

An Emulator is a software that is installed in an operating system to run another operating system. An emulator is an application that has an Operating System.

This guide is usually for any Windows or Mac OS users.

This is complicated to understand so let us understand with an example. 

For eg- A windows Operating System can only run that software designed for windows like .exe files.  You cannot run a.APK (Android) app file. To run APK file the Emulator plays a very important role. It is designed to run a specific OS applications.

Like- Bluestack is a software which can be used to run Android application in Windows. It is installed in Windows. When we open it, it displays us an android OS where we can download, run and use android (APK) application.

Different types of Emulator can be used to run different types of Operating System such as PS4, PS2, Android, IOS, etc.

So, now we just need to download an emulator that support Android Operating system for Windows or Mac to play Clash of clans but which one?

There are more than 20+ emulators are available on the internet.

I also had downloaded 3-4 emulators earlier when I want to play PUBG on my PC. But for a 4GB RAM Laptop, it is too hard. So, I dumped my idea and started playing other games on my PC.

Now, let’s check some of the emulators that are safe, easy to use and install.

3 Emulators which anyone you can Use

I had used 4 emulators up to now which are perfect to run android games. But I did some research to give to the best Emulator.

So, I choose an emulator by its features, popularity, and free to use. I didn't include any premium emulator on the list.

Sorry, for bad picture quality.

1. BlueStack:

  • I love this software too much because I have used it earlier, it is very smooth, has many features which make the game comfortable to play.
  • It is based on Android Version 4.4 KitKat.
  • It has pre-installed Google Play Store app which is very beneficial to download any game without worrying about anything.
  • You can stream on Twitch too.

  • But the only problem is its ads. You have to see a bunch of ads in the free version. But it’s ok because the company has put much more effort to create, develop it and has to earn some money so that they can work more to improve it.

There are two versions of Bluestack from which you can Download. One is paid and one is free. You can add premium account in free Version to use the premium features.

Download Bluestack: Free version

2. Nox Player

I have used it; it has amazing features that make it worth it to download.

  •  It is based on Android 4.4 KitKat.
  • I have a lot of options like you can change the number of CPU cores, FPS or the amount of RAM.
  • It comes with the Google Play store too and many pre-installed apps such as Browser, gallery, file manager, etc.
  • It allows you to drag and drop an APK file in it to install the app. It means you can install apps stored on your PC.
  • Keyboard mapping features which allows you to set the key placement to play games.


  • The only problem I found is that it can lag sometimes if you have an older PC or if you play big games like PUBG, Call Of Duty, etc. Clash of Clans will run very smoothly.

Download: Free

3. LeapDroid

It is now shut down but you can download it from other websites. I have not downloaded it but it is very popular and powerful to play games.

  • It is based on Android 4.4 KitKat. 
  • The home screen displays shortcuts to download some popular games like Clash of Clans, Pok√©mon Go, Subway Surfer, etc.
  • It also comes with a pre-installed Google Play Store.
  • You can directly install APK from PC like as Nox Player.
  • It supports many options like Keyboard mapping, full-screen mode, screenshot tool, graphics rendering between OpenGl and DirectX.


  • You may find bugs and glitches in it because of not getting updated due to the company shut down.
  • You cannot find any support from the developers.


KoPlayer is a very old emulator available online, but it still has excellent performance for playing games on PC.

  • It allows smooth gameplay on your PC.
  • It has many features such as full resolution, customization to set up keyboard keys placement.
  • It has no annoying ads.

It is small in size that's why I downloaded it first earlier. The performance of this software is also very good.

 Download- Free Version
After you have chosen an emulator, download it.

Downloading an Emulator might have a different process but their function is similar.

How to Download

  • Download the desired emulator online.
  • Once downloaded start the installation.
  • Follow all the instructions for installing correctly.
  • Now Launch the installed Emulator.
After downloading open the Emulator. Now, go to Google Play Store to download the latest version.

You might need to create or add a Gmail account. If you find it time-consuming then you can use a browser to download the game from Downloading websites.
After Downloading open the game. You will not need your Keyboard much. After the game opens start playing.

Adding an Existing Account to the Game

If you are an older player and need to add your previous account then you might need to install Google Play in your Emulator.

You can download it too either from Google Play Store or from browser.

After installing, connect your account to Google Play.

Now, open your game. Go to setting and there click connect to Google Play. The game will either restart or ask confirmation to load the older base account.


After downloading your Emulator you can now enjoy playing your game.

Now, I don’t want to tell you anything but please if you love to play Clash of Clans then share it.

I hope you like it. If you have any problem, suggestion then comment down below.

Thanks for Reading... Have A Nice Day!J


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