Town hall 10: 20 Best Base *Links* – Anti-Everything 2020

So, today we will see 20+ best Town hall 10 Base with Link 2020 for your Clash of Clans village. All the TH10 Base is anti-everything.

To find these layouts I picked some of them from different sources and tested them by attacks.

The idea is to find a base that can withstand Powerful attacks or can be used against Normal attacks.

And I also check the reviews of some of the Base layouts to add them to my list.

The most important thing here is the link; I have placed the link of each and every base layout so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Furthermore, I will explain to you the features of the Base Layout and their disadvantages too if I find out any.

So, in this post, I will categories the base layouts on three basis i.e. Farming, War and Defense.

Town hall 10: 20 Best Base Links – Anti-Everything 2020

Town hall 10 is a stage where players understand that at this level you will need to have patience because upgrades will take much longer.

At this point in time, the only thing that can be done is to make a very good defensive base layout that can withstand against attacks with limited technology/power.

But here the player may face different situations like- resources may run out easily due to raids or upgrades, for building a layout for War, to increase or keep balance with trophies.

So, to deal with them the bases are categorized into three bases that is.:

  1. Farming Base Layout- These types of Layout are made to protect/secure as much as resources (Elixir, Gold and Dark Elixir) from enemies raid. These layouts mostly have storages split in the whole base as well as inside the walls to keep them away from enemy reach.
  2. War Base Layout- These types of layouts are mostly used in wars. The main motive is to win War by defending against enemy attacks.
  3. Defense Base Layout- During some situations, you would feel that trophies are getting less resulting in a low bonus or may you want to rank push like any other Player. In that case, you will need a base layout that can withstand stronger opponents.

Best Farming base 

  • Town hall is in the center of the base surrounded by Defenses.
  • Storages are well placed and split through the base which helps in resource protection.
  • Defenses are symmetrically placed.
  • Traps are well organized and placed.

  • The base looks weak from 3o' clock but it acts as bait for us. If the enemy starts the attack from 3 o'clock. If the enemy reaches the Town hall then the troops might choose different ways and end up near the Wizard Tower. We all know the Wizard tower is very powerful against troops.
  • Traps are well placed in the whole layout.
  • Defenses are also well placed.
  • Storages are also split throughout the base layout.

  • The base layout is divided into two portions. The first one is the innermost which contains essential buildings such as Town Hall, Dark Elixir Storage, traps and X-bow (due to long-range).
  • The second portion (Outermost portion) consists of buildings such as defenses, storages, Traps, Barbarian king and archer queen.
  • This division limits troops' time to destroy each and every building which might become very important in a win and lose.
  • The troops will move in circles in the outermost portion to destroy the defenses and other buildings

  • The town hall is in the center of the village and also in walls
  • Storages are placed away from each other to prevent them from reach of the enemy troops.
  • Traps are well organized as well as the defenses. 

  • This base also comprises of Two portions. The first one consists of the town hall, Dark Elixir storages, Inferno Towers and hidden tesla.
  • The outermost portion consists of Defenses, traps, and storages.
  • This type of base is very effective in killing and stopping the troops from reaching the town hall, this can be due to some circumstances such as time and power.
  • The layout is very powerful to kill each and every troop of the enemy as well as the due longer and well-fortified the enemy troops might take a lot of time to destroy the whole base which might result in exceed time.

  • The Town hall is surrounded by bomb towers.
  • Storages are well placed with protection.
  • Traps are also well placed in the whole layout.
  • Defenses are also well placed.
  • Dark Elixir, who don't like it? Everybody likes it. The enemey will 90% start attack from the bottom to get dark elixir and to destroy Town hall but this might lead to a very big loss for the enemy. 4 Wizard towers are placed, where ever the enemy troops go they will end up getting killed.

  • This layout is good for ground attacks like Pekka, giant, valkyrie, and other ground troops except for hogs. Well, most players don't attack with dark elixir troops in multiplayer except War.
  • Storages are also on the inside of the layout which ensures their protection.
  • Defenses are also placed well and trap too.

Best Trophy Base layout Links


  • This base is a ring base. Not for my Gf,  in this base troops will travel in circles to destroy buildings which makes the center place safe. That's why x-bow, some traps, Town hall, hidden tesla, dark elixir storages, archer queen and Barbarian king are theirs.
  • X-bow has a very long range which makes them highly effective in this type of layout because enemy troops will be in the ring destroying buildings while X-bow will be shooting at them until they get killed.

  • The Town hall is in the middle of the base layout.
  • The base is divided into three portions. The first one, the center consists of the town hall, Clan Castle, Dark Elixir and traps.
  • The second portion consists of Defenses like Air Defense, Archer Queen, Storages and Traps.
  • The third Layer (Outermost layer) consists of Defenses and Traps.
  • Buildings in each layer attract troops due to their nature. Troop attacks only the nearest building first. Due to layers and less distance between buildings the troops only stay in one layer until every building is destroyed or there is a passage for the troops to travel from one layer to another.
  • Storages are in the second layer which helps in storage protection.

  • This base is also a farming base layout.
  • Here also, the main strategy is to lure enemy troops in the center to obtain 1 star for town hall but the defenses placed nearby are very powerful that either the troops will die or the troops will deal a huge amount of damage which will result in a weak army that might end up soon.
  • The layout supports farming. The base layout is well made, looks so tough.
  • Defenses are also well placed in the whole layout, Town hall is in the center of the village.
  • Traps are also well placed.
  • This base is strong against giants and golems but weak against hogs.

  • The base is divided into different components. The middle component consists of Powerful Defenses such as Hidden Tesla, Inferno, X-Bow, and traps.
  • The outermost four components consist of storages, defenses. They help in storage protection. 
  • The other four consist of Wizard Tower, and other buildings. They act as a route for troops which will slow down them and will eventually kill some of the enemy troops.
  • This is a farming base.
  • Shot description, Town hall is in the center, storages are placed away from each other to decrease the loss of resources.
  • Defenses are symmetrically placed and defenses are also well placed,

Best War Base Anti 3 Star

  • This is a war base. The base is broad which slows down enemy troops.
  • Defenses are well placed in the whole layout.
  • Due to broad and a to of space is present which makes it difficult for the enemy to predict traps location.
  • This base doesn't support farming as the storages are placed very near to each other and outside the walls.

  • The main aim is to lure the enemy to go for the town hall first from the right side. Town hall is protected by traps.
  • Once the enemy reaches the town hall. The troops will split into two groups.
  • The two groups might go in a different direction and end up getting weak and being killed by defenses.
  • The buildings are well placed.
  • Town hall is in the center.
  • Storages are also split among the base to reduce enemy loot.
  • Traps are also well placed where enemy troops will surely pass through.
  • Town hall is in the middle of the base layout with 4 Wizard Tower on each side.
  • The main target is to protect Town hall from the enemy troops to save at least 2 stars.
  • All the defenses are placed on the inside of the walls.
  • Traps are also well placed in the whole layout. 
  • The base middle portion is the most strong as compared to the outer portion of the layout.
  • The main aim of this base is also to protect the Town Hall at any cost. Tesla farm, X-bow, Bomb Tower, Air defenses, Wizards towers, Inferno, and traps are all near the Town hall. Theses defenses are the most powerful.
  • Storages are also placed far from each other to save most of the Resources.
  • The strategy here is to lure enemy troops in the center and start killing them with the most powerful defenses to finish the game or to kill as many troops as possible.

Watch this video to know how to copy the base layout.


If you are reading this, then it means you might have selected or copied a base for your village.

A base can be made better by improving it. Always remember every base can be made invincible.

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