The 11 Best Town hall 9 Farming Base *Link* (100% WORKING)

Want to have a Town hall 9 Farming base layout (LINK) which is recommended by Pro player for your Clash of Clans or COC Village.

Farming bases are necessary if you are low on resources or for any necessary need.

All the farming bases which you are going to look at are Recommended by Pro players and confirm their abilities We tested them by the attack with the best attack strategies.

so there is no doubt about their power and abilities.

so we will be having 20 bases which are enough for you to choose more than one layout for you.

The 11 Best Town hall 9 Farming Base *Link* (100% WORKING)

If you don't know what is a farming base Let me explain to you. It is a base that is designed for protecting and securing as many resources as possible.

These base layout can be used when a player is out of resources or upgraded to a new level of town hall.

These layouts are good at resource protection but may be weaker in Trophy pushing. They have a decent defense layout.

Town hall 9 Farming and Ring Base
  • The base is divided into three components - The core, the middle, and the outermost.
  • The Town hall is in the core of the base.
  • The middle portion consists of X-bows, Air Defenses, Storages, and Traps that are very powerful to stop enemy troops from reaching the Town hall. 
  • The third/outermost Portion consists of Defenses and Traps.
  • Due to its wall and defenses, placement enemy troops will walk in circles to destroy buildings. This is the perfect utilization of the game mechanism.
Th9 Dark Elixir Base
  • Here, in this layout, the Town hall is in the center with Clan Castle and Dark Elixir Storage with two X-bow opposite to each other which helps to make them out of reach of the enemy troops.
  • Storages are well placed in the layout which helps in resource protection.
  • Defenses and traps are also well placed.
Th9 Farming Base link
  • The town hall is in the center guarded by Wizard Tower, X-bow and traps. Both the Defenses deal high damage as compared to other troops, which will surely kill most of the troops.
  • Storages are on the inside of the base which prevents them from reach of the enemy troops.
  • The walls are placed to make four portions. All the portions are identical to each other but they all are separate from each other and goes to the center. Once the enemy troops reach the center they will end up dying.
Th9 Farming Base coc
  • Storages are far from each other this ensures that if the enemy attacks from one side, the army might end up in the middle saving half of your resources.
  • Town hall is in the middle. What is the main goal of most attacks? Loot + 1, 2 or 3 stars. The enemy might get 1 star but will not have all of your loot.
  • Defenses are well placed. Wizard Towers are the best for protection.
th9 gold and Elixir base
  • A good and attractive layout. Defenses are well placed.
  • Storages are also split throughout the village to have the highest protection.
  • Traps are in the walls and are well placed where enemy troops have the highest chances to move.
TH9 Farming Base 2020
  • Town hall is centralized surrounded with Defenses and traps. 
  • Storages are placed in different directions to ensure loot protection.
  • The enemy will surely attack from one side. After some time, the enemy either get half of the loot or end up without getting any loot.
Town hall 9 Storage Protection Base
  • The base is divided into different sections. Four sections in the base are holding the storages. In most of the cases, the enemy will not be able to get all the loots from the storages.
  • Defenses are well placed and also the four sections are connected to each other by some paths.
  • The Heroes, Defenses near the town hall defends it.
Town hall 9 Farming Base
  • Town hall is centralized.
  • Defenses are symmetrically placed.
  • Traps are also well placed.
  • Storages are split and placed far from each other
Th 9 Farming Base layout
  • Due to spaces on both sides, the enemy will try not to attacks this base because of the fear of Giant bombs. If the enemy starts to attacks thinking that giants bombs might be there and place one troop and see nothing happens.
  • The enemy will deploy most of its army (main army) but there are more traps placed which the enemy might not know. This is the chance and wizard towers are also there. Some damage by traps and some damage by defenses will weaken the enemy troops.
  • Four storages are placed on each side. The enemy will not be able to take them all in one attack. You will only save a lot of resources.

Th9 Farm Base
  • Town hall is centralized. Storages are split throughout the village.
  • The base layout is divided into three layers.
  • First two outermost layer consists of Storages while the core (The town hall). The troops will come from side to the center. This will result in getting attacked from every side. You will win easily.
Town hall 9 Farming Base layout COC


  • This base works on a strategy to lure the enemy. No worms just Town hall needed for the fish.
  • Storages are placed away from each other to ensure their protection and to prevent loss.
  • The town hall will act as a bait, the enemy will surely go for the Town hall to get one star and secure its trophies. But this the biggest mistake. Near the Town hall, both the X-bow and other defenses are ready to take down enemy troops.
  • The enemy will end up getting some loot and trophies and we will succeed in our farming strategy.

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I hope after reading this full post you surely find out the one desired base layout for your home village.

We learned about the layout advantages with their disadvantages too.

Copying the layout with the fastest way will save up a lot of time.

I hope you enjoyed it a lot. Please do me a favor if you love to play clash of clans that is to share it.

Also, comment down your favorite defensive building in the game.

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