BH5: 20+ Best base Layout Link 2020 (UNDEFEATABLE)

Want to have an undefeatable base? Find here Top 20+ Best Builder Hall 5 bases with the link for your clash of clans village.

Each and Every base layout works well. We even tested them.

All the layouts are divided into various categories based on their performance against different attack strategies.

You can copy the base easily with the help of the link. So, don't worry about it. Just sit down and keep reading...

Each and every Base is worthy to try and I bet you will find amazing results when you will apply any of the layouts.

Some people also reached 3500+ trophies by using these bases. Reaching 3000+ will be very easy.

BH5: 20+ Best base Layout Link 2020 (UNDEFEATABLE)

So, I will try to explain each and every base functions wholly. These layouts can defend against any type of attack. 

While some are excellent to deal with specific types of armies as well as other attack strategies too.

Now, let's check out the layouts without any delay.


Builder hall 5 Anti-2 Star Base

Builder hall 5 base Anti 2 Star
  • Centralized Builder Hall as well as well guarded by the defenses surrounding it.
  • Centralized Firecrackers and Air bombs which prevent enemy air troops from reaching the Builder hall.
  • If the enemy pushes with ground troops, most of the troops excluding giants will always go for the outside buildings which will shatter them. The enemy troops will be easily killed by your defenses. You will not lose more than 1 star. It will surely help you win against any attack strategies.
  • Defenses are very close to each other, this will help to take down multiple troops in just some seconds.

Builder Hall 5 Anti-3 Star base

Builder hall 5 base anti 3 star
  • The builder hall is in the center of the base layout enclosed by defenses.
  • Crusher is surrounded by cannons & double cannons which prevent ground troops from reaching it with their full potential (special attack like of giant 300% damage, Archers with invisibility).
  • There is only two possible entrance for ground troops to reach the Builder hall. Even from wherever they will need to go through the walls to enter the layout which will cause delay and defenses near them will do damage which will make it easier for the defenses to take them fastly. May be without losing 1 star which will be enough to win. You will gain a lot of trophies for rank pushing.

Builder hall 5 base anti 3 star
  • The Builder hall, Crusher, Double Cannon, Mortar, Fire Cracker, Guard post, Archer tower are all on the inside. Why? Because these defenses do high damage and grouping them will make them more invulnerable.
  • Ground Attacks? Crusher is ready to take them with the support of double canon.
  • Air Attacks? Firecracker and Archer Tower are ready to take them. The air bomb will surely help if it is not destroyed at the start of the attack.
  • The troops will only go through the entrance which will lead to delay. In the meantime, the defenses will damage them enough when the troops will reach the center they will be killed by the defenses easily. Perfect Win, you will probably save 2 stars.

BH5 Anti 3 star
  • All the defenses are enclosed in walls. The four-compartment containing Archer Tower and cannon are to the outside which means giants will target them first before going in the main compartment i.e. Center (where Builder hall is situated). This is will take a lot of time for them to break the wall and destroy them. In the meantime, the double cannon placed near them will damage them a lot and will weaken them. When they will enter the central portion they will be weak enough to be killed within some seconds. The same goes for Air attacks with Firecracker and Air Bomb.
  • The Builder hall is situated in the center of the base.
  • Enemy invisible Archers will not be able to attack most of the defenses from outside the walls.

BH5 anti 3 star

  • Well, you might be thinking that the Air bomb is vulnerable to Archer, but it's not. Because it is placed on the inside. Sneaky Archers won't be able to attack it until they are very close (3.5 tiles) which can only be achieved when they get over the spring traps. Spring traps will kill the archers and the enemy strategy won't work.
  • The builder hall is put in the middle of the base.
  • Well, the ground defenses are also well placed. Two double cannon near to each other are most effective against ground troops.
  • I can say that this layout cannot be 3 stared by most of the players except pros.
BH5 base anti 3 star

  • How will you attack this base? If I will attack this base I will go from the upper side to destroy Builder Hall and with some archers, I would try to destroy buildings outside. And in the end, the Crusher and Double cannon will get in my way and I will end up getting 1 or 2 stars. That's how this base works.
  • Also, only giants can enter this layout without needing any funnel. Other troops will end up destroying side buildings.
  • If somehow enemy troops enter the layout, the troops will only destroy buildings near the Builder hall. But what about the Cannon? The cannon will not be destroyed first and might survive till the last. In the meantime, the cannon will take the troops left. And the enemy will surely end up either 1 or 2 stars.
  • Now, what about Air attacks. You might be thinking the enemy will send one or two baby dragons or giants and the Air bomb will be destroyed. 1 or 2 baby dragons won't be able to destroy it. Giants might do it. To kill air troops Firecrackers and Archer Tower are placed in groups to kill enemy air troops if the Air bomb gets destroyed.
  • This base is awesome. It is worth a try.

Builder hall 5 Best Base

BH5 Best base

  • There are only two possible entrances for the enemy ground troops to enter the base. The entrance leads to the portion consisting of heavy defenses such as Crusher & Air Bomb. Both these defenses are better in killing troops easily. Also, they are far away from the walls which make them invulnerable to range troops like Sneaky Archer, Cannon Cart, etc.
  • Giants will always go inside the base to destroy defense buildings but Crusher will kill them easily if not then double cannon will do this job.
  • Air troops won't be able to reach the core. Firecracker & Air Bomb are centralized which gives you an advantage, as enemy air troops will need to clear out other buildings which will take a lot of time. In the meantime, these defenses will kill enemy troops instantly.

BH5 Best base

  • Mass Archer won't work Here. Giants won't work because they will go for the defenses and to get there they will need to pass through the crusher which will damage them a lot.
  • Baby Dragons can destroy side buildings easily but won't be able to reach Builder hall.
  • Centralized Builder hall.
  • The enemy won't be able to obtain 2 stars without a good attack strategy. If you attack well on the enemy base you will surely be going to win the match.
Builder hall 5 best base
  • The central portion consists of most of the defenses which are good against both Air and Ground troops.
  • Well, Let me keep it short. If the enemy attacks and reaches the central portion what do you think will happen? Due to closeness between defenses, most of them will become active when enemy troops will reach the center, this will give a very high opportunity to you because of the placement of the defense. Have trust on your base.
  • Your winning depends on how you attack. So, attack well my friend.

Builder hall 5 best base
  • From wherever the enemy starts the attack, enemy troops will need to destroy the Crusher either in the starting or in the end. This ensures that if the starting is weak the ending will be worse. If the starting is good the ending will be worse. Which ensures the enemy won't be able to 3 stars it at any cost.
  • Now, what about Air Attacks? As you can see Firecracker and Air bombs are centralized which means enemy air troops will take time to reach the center. In the meantime, Firecracker will help in killing enemy troops. If the troops reach the center, here comes our Hero (not the builder) Air bomb, which deals a lot of damage and can kill multiple troops in groups. 
Builder hall 5 Best
  • In this layout, there are 4 ways to reach the Builder hall, which is to lure the troops to the center and killing them as Fast as Possible to reduce Destruction by the enemy troops. Ground troops will be killed easily once they reach the core.
  • The whole layout is in the range of air attacking defenses such as Firecracker and Archer Tower, they will weaken the enemy troops or will kill a bunch of troops before they reach the Builder hall. Near builder hall, Air bomb is placed which will help to kill these air troops easily.
  • The enemy won't be able to 3 stars it. 2 Star is possible with an excellent attack strategy. 1 Star can be gained with a good attack or destroying buildings outside the walls.

BH 5 best base layout
  • The whole layout is divided into 5 portions, each portion has it's own function in the layout such as the middle portion consist of Builder hall, the two-portion consists of Archer Tower which will protect it from troops that might reach the builder hall. The other two-portion consists of heavy defenses like Air bomb and Crusher with Double Cannon & Cannon.
  • Ground troops will be stuck at Crusher and Air troops will at Air bomb.
  • Traps are also placed inside the walls which ensure high trigger ratio because the enemy wants to take down Builder hall to get one star and to do so the troops will need to go inside the layout and probably they will end up getting near or over the traps.

Builder Hall 5 Trophy Base

BH5 Trophy base layout
  • Centralized Builder hall.
  • Heavy defenses like the Air bomb, Crusher, and Double cannon are surrounded by buildings to keep them out of reach of troops like Archer, Cannon.
  • While the other side (where Builder hall is) consists of Single Targeting defenses. Also, to make this portion stronger Traps are placed here.
  • Also, the enemy will surely be going to attack from this side because the enemy wants to destroy the Builder Hall to gain 1 star.
Builder hall 5 Trophy Base
  • Centralized heavy defenses and Builder hall.
  • Well as you can see that there are many gaps between the walls which will lead the ground troops to the core. But why? Well because of the heavy defenses such as Crusher, Double cannon, and the support of Archer Towers & Cannon will help in killing ground troops fast.
  • Firecrackers and Air bombs are centralized which will protect the Builder hall from being destroyed by the enemy's air troops. Here, Firecrackers will attack troops far from the hall and The Air bomb will kill troops which are targeting FireCrackers, Builder hall, and other defenses near it.
  • This base layout can defend against most of the attacks. It can be very beneficial if you are trophy pushing for greater loot or for any other reason.

Builder Hall 5 Anti Air

Builder hall 5 anti air
  • The builder hall is placed in the middle of the layout.
  • Heavy Defenses are placed near Builder hall which will help in killing troops that reach the Builder hall.
  • Ground troops can only enter the layout from the gaps near the Crusher. Once they go through the Crusher, the crusher will blow them easily. If somehow crusher is destroyed then double cannon will play a major role in killing the ground troops.
  • Centralized Firecrackers and Air Bomb, that can be useful in targeting multiple air troops at the same time. Because of the closeness of these defenses Air troops will require a hard time reaching the core of the layout.

Builder Hall 5 Anti Ground

Builder hall 5 anti ground layout
  • Heavy defenses like Crusher, Air bomb, and Cannon are placed on the bottom side of the base i.e. 6 o'clock. 
  • Whereas Light defenses are placed on the top side of the layout. 
  • This type of placement is made for two scenarios. First, if the enemy attacks from the bottom, the troops will need to take down crusher & Double cannon (for Ground troops) and Air bomb (for Air troops) which has the highest damage. These defenses will weaken the whole army at once, the enemy will be killed by Archer tower and Cannon which deal high damage to a single unit.
  • Second, the enemy will start the attack from the top in order to destroy the Builder hall. The troops will need to destroy light defenses, these defenses will weak the enemy troops. The enemy might succeed in destroying the Builder hall but Double cannon, Air bomb, and Crusher will be left. Due to high damage, the army left will be killed easily.
  • This base is surely Anti-3 Star.

Builder hall 5 anti ground base

  • This layout has 4 entrances that lead to the center. 
  • The builder hall is placed in the core surrounded by heavy defenses such as Air bomb, Firecrackers, Crusher, Mortar, and Guard post. 
  • This layout is designed to force the enemy troops to go for the center which is equipped with heavy defenses. These defenses will kill most of the troops. If some troops remain then they will be killed by side defenses such as Cannon & Archer Tower. 
  • Traps are placed strategically.
BH5 Anti ground
  • This base is highly protective against Ground Troops because Traps are ground type and all the ground troops targeting defenses are placed in the core. Ground troops will have zero chance to even get 2 stars.
  • But it is weak against Air attacks. Players will get 1 & 2 stars easily but 3 stars can be difficult.
  • Well, it likes a gamble, if your opponent starts ground troops to attack you will surely going to win. But if the enemy starts with Air attack, the enemy will be able to get up to 2 stars, either you perform well in attack or keep faith in your layout.
  • You can change the placement of defenses as per your need. 

Defending is not Enough to Win (BONUS)

Just by defending against attacks, you cannot win. You will need to do plenty of damage to the enemy base to win.

For winning against bases you will need to have an outstanding attack strategy to win.

Here, you can know the best Attack Strategies for Builder Hall 5- Attacking Strategies for BH5.


In this post, we viewed 20 bases for Builder hall 5 with their functions.

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