The 18+ Best BH6 bases *LINKS* (4000+ TROPHIES)

Did you want a BH6 Base that cannot be defeated? Find here 18+ best Builder hall 6 bases with links. You can reach up to 4000 trophies with these layouts.

In this post, you will see 18+ base layouts with links for your Clash of Clans village.

The bases that you will see below are tested, some of them have very positive reviews too. Some players had reached 3500 trophies with these layouts and I am sure these layouts will help you to increase your trophies too.

We have categorized the bases on their benefits, advantages, and base design. I hope it will help you to find your desired base. 

You can copy the base easily with the help of the link. Just one click is needed.

We will also know the pros and cons of the base which will help you in choosing a base.

So without further delay let's get started.

The 18+ Best Builder Hall 6 bases *LINKS* (4000+ TROPHIES)

So, these are the base layouts that are the best.

Builder Hall 6 Trophy base layout

  • Centralized Builder hall. Surrounded by heavy defenses.
  • You can see that all the three layouts have gaps between walls, which will lead ground troops to the crusher. as we all know that crusher has very high damage, this will kill a lot of ground troops, the reaming ones will be wiped out by other defenses.
  • air bombs and roaster are placed near the Builder hall to protect it from air troops especially bats. Whereas archer tower and firecracker has long-range, which will help to kill upcoming enemy air troops.
  • Traps are placed between the gaps to weaken the enemy.
  • some traps are switched to air mines to help in defending against air troops.
  • Defenses are placed 2 titles away from the walls to protect them from sneaky archers and cannons.

  • Ground troops will go for the cannon first then archer tower and then double cannon, they will need to cross over traps. In the meantime, roaster, mortar, and archer tower will weak them.
  • Due to centralized Firecracker, air bomb, and roaster traps are switched to ground mines to help against ground attacks.
  • If giants will attack you from the gaps, they will need to destroy the archer tower first which will soak their first attack which deals with bonus damage. Giants won't be able to bonus damage against Crusher which will help crusher to withstand against giants and will kill them.
  • At some placed traps are switched to air mines because from these locations enemy might use air troops.

Builder hall 6 anti-3 star base layout

  • The layouts below are anti-3 stars.
  • The Builder hall is placed in the core which is surrounded by heavy defenses such as Roaster, Air bomb, Mortar, Crusher, and Double cannon.
  • Traps are well placed.
  • The main advantage this layout will give to you is that the traps are switched to Air mines, all the Air troops attacking defenses like Firecracker, Air bomb, Roaster, and archer tower is placed in the core.
  • In the case of ground attacks, the base design will lead the troops to the crusher and Roaster. These defenses will weaken the enemy troops and side defenses such as double cannon, archer tower, and cannon will finish them.
  • The centralized crusher will help to kill the weak armies instantly such as enemy starts to attack from the bottom side, the troops will need to destroy Roaster, Mortar, and other defenses which will lower the hitpoints of the troops. Weak troops will be killed easily by crusher. Also, troops might need to deal with both crushers one after another which will definitely kill them.

  • The ground troops will go for the Crusher side first, some troops will be busy in destroying the Firecracker. In the meantime, the crusher will kill those troops. Also, boxer giant bonus damage ability will be used on Firecracker which will not be used on Crusher, and hence, the crusher will kill them easily without soaking much damage.

BH6 Anti-2 Star Base Layout

  • The base design is made in such a way that ground troops will always go for crusher.
  • Air troops targeting defenses such as Air bomb, Archer tower, Firecracker, and Roaster are spread throughout the base to have most of the base in their range of attack.
  • Mines are switched to ground mines to protect the layout from Ground attacks.


  • Air troops targeting defenses are placed in groups like Air bomb (splash damage) with Archer tower and Firecracker with Roaster (splash damage).
  • From wherever enemy starts the attack with either Bottom or top, the troops will need to cross the crusher to reach the other side. The crushers are very near to each other which means that the troops will need to destroy both. We know that crusher is very powerful and when they come together no troop can destroy them.
  • All the heavy defenses are surrounding the Builder hall which will help to kill mass troops and prevent them from reaching the Builder hall.
  • Firecracker, Roaster, Air bomb, and archer tower are all placed near the builder hall which will help in killing a mass number of troops at once. The enemy won't be able to destroy this portion with air troops.

  • Ground troops will go for the Crusher without a wall breaker. 
  • Also, all the traps are switched to Ground mines to help against ground attacks.

Builder Hall 6 Anti Air base Layout with link

  • The following bases have excellent Firecracker, air bomb, and archer tower placement.
  • In some places, mines are switched to air mines where are high chances that the enemy might use air troops. This will help to weaken the air troops before reaching the core. This will increase the chances of the enemy troops getting killed.
  • To deal with ground troops, the base design will lead the troops to Crusher. Crusher will damage them a lot, some of the troops will be killed and the remaining ones will be killed by defenses near it.
  • At some places like at the vertices of the base, mines are switched to air mines to instantly kill bats. When all the bats will be killed the archer tower will target night witches.
  • Firecracker, air bomb, and roaster are placed near the Builder hall to protect it from troops in groups like bats and the baby dragon who has high hitpoints.
  • Ground troops will go for the crusher. If the enemy uses a wall breaker then the troops will also need to destroy crusher when they reach half of the base layout. The enemy troops will be weakened when they will reach the crusher so it will become easy for the crusher to kill all of them.
  • Defenses that target air troops are placed in groups such as Air bomb (splash damage) with Archer tower and Roaster (Splash damage) with Firecracker.

  • All the defenses are placed very near to each other. This will help you, suppose when troops will come most of the defenses will target them all. The troops won't last long. This can be applied to both air and ground attacks.

BH6 Anti Ground base layout link

  • Crushers are placed on the inside of the base layouts and near the Builder hall for better protection.
  • Mines are switched to Ground mines.
  • Double cannon are also well placed.
  • This layout is also effective against air troops. 

  • All the heavy defenses are placed near the Builder hall.
  • Well, guard post is also in the core which means giants will be killed easily by the guard troops as they target defenses.

  • Centralized heavy defenses such as Crusher, Firecracker, Air bomb, mortar, and Roaster.
  • Some mines are switched to Air mines which will be helpful against bats, and other air troops.

Builder Hall 6 Anti Witch base Link

  • As the name tells us what this base is about. These bases are specially designed to defend against Night Witches.
  • These layouts have a centralized Builder hall surrounded by heavy defenses especially the Air bomb and Roaster.
  • Some mines are switched to air mines to kills a group of bats. When all the bats will be killed the defenses will start focusing on Night witches.
  • Also, these layouts are good against Ground attacks too.

  • All the mines are switched to air mines to kill bats. Whereas mega mines are switched to ground to kill Night witches. You might have seen witch attacks, in witch attacks, you must have observed that they mostly walk-in groups which means that if they get near any mega-mine, all of them will be killed.
  • Also, defenses are placed well to defend against ground attacks like Double cannon, Crusher, and Roaster.

  • Roaster and Air bomb is placed in opposite directions to kill bats coming from both sides. 
  • Most mines are switched to ground to kill night witches.

(BONUS) Attacking Strategies to win against attacks with defending

Only defending will not let you win. Your enemy might use these types of base layouts which are hard to 3 stars.

In this case, you need to have a powerful attack strategy to win.

You can read this article: BH6 Best attack Strategies to win every time


You might have found the desired base among the 18+ base layout I hope you will be happy after using the base layout.

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